How to choose flowers for the bathroom

How to choose flowers for the bathroom

You thought that plants could be in any room except the bathroom. You were deeply mistaken. It turns out that green plants can feel great in the bathroom too. With their help, the usual bathroom will become even cozier and more refined. You just need to know what kind of flowers they are. We will talk about this further.

How to choose flowers for the bathroom

What conditions should be in the bathroom to keep indoor plants in it?

So the most important thing is lighting. Many people think that some plants can fully grow and reproduce in the complete absence of light, but this is a false statement. The presence of sunlight for any plant is necessary. Well, or at least artificial lighting should be mandatory.

The presence of a window is a desirable condition for a bathroom. Through it, the plant will receive the minimum dose of sun, and besides, placing flowers on the windowsill is much more convenient than, say, on the floor.

What if there is no window in the bathroom

Do not despair, this problem is easily solved by installing an artificial light source. Their role can be played by fluorescent lamps, which are completely lowered to be left on around the clock. Thanks to this, the plants will receive the necessary amount of light.

In addition to daylight lamps, you can use fitolamps created specifically for plants. Most often they are installed in greenhouses or other premises where plants need additional light.

An alternative option would be to temporarily stay flowers in the bathroom, that is, they can be moved to a balcony or another room for a day, and returned to the bathroom again at night.

Do the same with flowering plants. Take them to the bathroom for the flowering period, where their color is prolonged. After flowering, they are returned to their original place. In practice, it has been proven that plants bloom longer in the bathroom, this is due to the lack of direct sunlight.

What flowers are suitable for the bathroom

These include those plants that are able to withstand temperature extremes, a humid environment and insufficient lighting.

How to choose flowers for the bathroom

Such plants certainly exist:

Large: Japanese fatsia, monstera delicacy, golden epipremium, climbing philodendron

Bush: aglaonema, graceful chamedorea, high aspidistra.

Blooming: chrysanthemums, spathiphyllum, cyclamens, Decembrists, exacum

The presence of such plants is possible: cordelian, dieffenbachia, ficus, cyperus, ferns, alocasia, uzambar violets, hovea

How to place plants in the bathroom

Floor. Tree-like plants, such as palm trees, will look good here. Lush plants look good in the corners of the room. So that the flowers do not interfere with moving in space, try to place them in places where they could in no way interfere. Undesirable places include the space near the sink or bath (shower).

Windowsill. A variety of plants can be placed here, it all depends on the size of the window sill. If the window is elongated in height, then a tall, slender flower will look beautiful. And vice versa, it is appropriate to place a lush plant on a wide windowsill. First of all, you need to rely on the style of the bathroom. Sometimes one flower is enough, and in some cases a whole flower arrangement is needed.

Shelves. They act as a window sill substitute.

Their dignity is in a change of position and in the required quantity. On the shelves it is convenient to place hanging plants. Again, they look especially beautiful in the corner of the room.

How to choose flowers for the bathroom

I must admit that placing indoor flowers in the bathroom is a very troublesome business. But as a result, you will get the most unusual bathroom of all.

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