What is luminous paint?

What is luminous paint?

Why do colors glow??

As you know, luminescence is the ability of various materials to glow when it gets dark or dark. It is noteworthy that almost any object treated with a special paint, which is often also called fluorescent, luminescent, self-luminous or phosphor, can have such an ability.

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It is quite easy to explain this phenomenon. The surface of the paint collects the energy of light and begins to continuously give it away when dimmed. Such paint can glow from 8 to 12 hours without any other backlight. At the same time, a similar process of accumulation and reproduction of light is carried out almost continuously and can be carried out for 2-5 years. Among other things, the paint acquires the ability to glow due to a special component in its composition – a phosphor. At the same time, such a powder perfectly adapts to the environment in which it is located, and has excellent heat and frost resistance, and also has stable physical and chemical properties over a long period of use (about 30 years). Thus, such paint can be used both on internal and external surfaces.

There are also almost colorless luminous paints that can be used to create various visual effects. They are produced on the basis of a transparent carrier, which is most often an alkyd, polyurethane or acrylic based varnish. At the same time, the type of varnish used largely affects the brightness of the glow.

The scope of such paint is quite wide. It is used in the process of creating the interior of a room, decorative finishing of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as in the process of decorating various objects, clothes and shoes. In addition, various gazebos, benches, mailboxes, fountains and other items are often decorated with luminous paint.

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