A unique approach to bathroom design

A unique approach to bathroom design

The bathroom requires no less attention than the living rooms and kitchen of the house. And we are often faced with an immense choice of a wide variety of materials. You always want beauty and quality to merge into one. And today, a lot of creative solutions have been developed for every taste and color.

The first option, which is the most inexpensive and easiest to install, is plastic panels. At the same time, many will immediately remember the office, but with a successful selection of invoices, such a stereotype will immediately disappear. Plastic is much easier to clean than other materials. It is not difficult to remove stains of grease or dirt. It is durable and light in weight. Another benefit is the lack of sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature, just what you need for a bathroom.

Ceramic tiles – a classic bathroom interior. Always in fashion, always popular thanks to the limitless choice of decor and colors. Brick-like tiles do not require complex maintenance and provide excellent protection against moisture, as well as provide comfort with the help of visual space. The disadvantages of this material include spending a lot of time on laying and fragility when hit by a heavy object.

Phototile is a novelty on the ceramics market today. Such a tile is distinguished not only by the fact that a photographic drawing is applied to it, but also by significant technological characteristics. The pattern may consist of a separate identical pattern on each tile, or it may unfold into a complex of ceramic photopanels.

Another innovation in the field of finishing – agglomerate. It is designed for both floor and wall covering. Such material has a whole range of varieties: under granite, marble, the presence of various colors, etc.d. Advantages of agglomerate – plasticity, strength and ease of installation. But, despite this, careful care is necessary: ​​the agglomerate is subject to deformation under its own weight. Also, the disadvantages include its high price.

Marble has the status of luxury and versatility at the same time. Expensive, but natural material will bring elegance and originality. They can perform wall and floor cladding or add interior items. The main values ​​of marble are low water heating and durability. But in return, careful care is required.

Drywall is not known to everyone as a material for decoration of the bathroom. However, when choosing it, it must be borne in mind that in this case a special cement -containing or waterproof drywall is needed. The outward difference from ordinary drywall is the presence of green. With this preference, it is preferred to engage in additional design. But drywall is good because it is provided with low weight, sound insulation and low cost.

If your choice fell on the wallpaper, then the ideal option is washing wallpaper. There are vinyl, acrylic and fiberglass wallpaper. In any store, they can always be recognized by the icon on the label “Three Waves”. Such wallpapers themselves are endowed with the property of durability, but if moisture gets to the joints and damaged places, the repair will quickly fall into decay.

To give free rein to fantasy will allow painting the walls. Latex-based paints are applicable here. Such work is not difficult to do on your own, while being creative and less expensive than, for example, tiles. But the walls must be completely smooth, without the slightest flaw.

Fans of an extravagant approach are offered decorative plaster. And there are no seams, which greatly simplifies maintenance! Lacquer required to protect against fungus.

The tree, by the way, is no exception. You just need to protect it from rotting by first coating each board with varnish.

Another alternative is mosaic. The sketch is prepared in advance. Unusual in such work will be the fruit of your imagination.

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