Advantages of modern wooden windows

Advantages of modern wooden windows

One of the main arguments in favor of choosing wooden windows is their aesthetic properties and the naturalness of the material. Furniture, doors, parquet are perfectly combined with natural wooden windows, such windows provide traditional sophistication and harmony with advanced technologies. It should be remembered that windows are often called the “eyes” of housing and the exterior of the building largely depends on their appearance. Plastic with its dry formality hides the feeling of warmth, as well as comfort. In contrast, wooden windows naturally create these sensations. The indicators of PVC profile windows undoubtedly provide them with certain advantages, although for all that they are not without drawbacks. For convenience, you can order windows with some added technologies. Such orders must be specified in the project. For example, the choice of Fakro skylights is provided by the company “Grotesk”.

Modern window systems made of three-layer glued beams perfectly protect against frost, no less effectively than plastic windows do. At the same time, they are durable, aesthetic, and absolutely environmentally friendly. Perhaps their only disadvantage is the cost, since wooden windows produced today are more expensive than plastic ones.

Several factors influence the price of finished wooden windows. First of all, it is the type of wood from which they are made. One of the most popular materials for the production of wooden window systems is pine with its low heat conductivity, as well as good sound insulation. In addition, its composition contains resinous components, which are natural antiseptics that protect the material itself from decay.

If the choice is stopped at the acquisition of a window system made of natural wood, it should be understood that modern windows are significantly different from those that were familiar before. Therefore, when buying modern wooden windows, it is necessary to focus on the samples of high-quality systems currently on the market, so as not to run into a fake, opting for the best samples. Continued in the next article.

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