Apartments With Sea Or Mountain View

Apartments With Sea Or Mountain View

You can buy primary and secondary real estate in Alanya. There are villas and apartments of the economy and premium class.

You can choose the object in compliance with your financial features. Moreover, it is possible to get interest-free installments while buying property under construction. However, you should choose a reliable developer like Stay Property.

Where To Buy Apartments In Alanya

If you are looking for apartments in Alanya with a sea or mountain view, there are several popular areas to consider:

  1. Alanya City Center. This area offers a mix of modern city living and beautiful coastal views.
  2. Mahmutlar is known for its relaxed atmosphere and stunning sea views. There are many modern living complexes that follow national building standards.
  3. Tosmur is located close to the Dim River. It offers a tranquil setting with both mountain and sea views.
  4. Oba with its green surroundings and proximity to the sea. It is a perfect location for those seeking a peaceful lifestyle with beautiful views.
  5. Kargicak. This area is known for its elevated position, offering breathtaking panoramic sea and mountain views.

It’s important to consult with local agents and do thorough research to find the perfect property that meets your preferences and budget while considering buying an apartment in Alanya.

What Kind Of Apartments Are Better To Invest

The choice between already built apartments and those under construction depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. Here are some considerations for each:

Already built apartments:

  • you can start earning rental income right away.
  • you can evaluate the existing condition of the property, location, and neighborhood, that’s why risks are minimal;
  • the price is established, so you have a clearer picture of your investment.

Under construction apartments:

  • investing in under-construction apartments may offer the potential for value appreciation upon completion;
  • depending on the stage of construction, you may have the opportunity to customize certain features;
  • delays in construction, changes in market conditions, and unexpected costs could impact your investment and rental income.

Consider the factors to choose the perfect option. According to the practice, apartments in new residential complexes are in high demand because they don’t have hidden problems. Moreover, developers offer different payment plans.

Investors can get a residence permit if the cadastral value of the object is $200,000. If it is $600,000, investors can get Turkish citizenship. Don’t be afraid to buy apartments under construction because reliable developers will finish the construction.

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