Building a house. Log or timber?

Building a house. Log or timber?

We will explain the great interest in wooden houses. They have low thermal conductivity. And this allows you not to focus on the thickness of the walls, and reduce the construction time. With all this, the tree looks aesthetically pleasing and absolutely harmless to health. These advantages are more advantageous than the fact that wooden houses last less than stone ones.

By the way, the demand for wood is growing every year not only in Russia, but also in Western countries and Japan. In the Scandinavian countries, wooden houses generally prevail. There are about 90 percent of them. Wooden houses not only save time on construction, but also allow you to connect all your imagination for design incarnations.

Log cabins serve people for centuries. Our great-grandfathers built them and were in no hurry to change the log to another material. And not at all because they did not imagine that stone or other construction methods exist in the world. Just log cabins have many advantages. First of all, nails are not needed to build a log house. After all, the log house is created using the “log to log” technique. The reliability of the log house depends on the quality of the material. Logs must be fresh, freshly sawn and sanded. It is no coincidence that conifers are more often chosen for log cabins. This is due to the fact that the shape of coniferous tree trunks is the most correct. And compared to other types of wood, conifers are less prone to rotting.

An important advantage is the speed of construction and environmental friendliness.

Log cabins are superior to stone structures and the price. Such a house does not require finishing. The tree itself is beautiful. No need to use additional thermal insulation materials, because the tree is able to protect itself from the cold in winter. By the way, wooden houses do not let in the heat either. In such houses it is comfortable both in the heat and in the cold.

The susceptibility of wood to decay and fungi does not stop connoisseurs of wooden housing construction. However, this is not such a terrible drawback, given that modern protection technologies make it possible to avoid such troubles.

Do-it-yourself construction of log houses can seem laborious. In fact, without practical skills, it is difficult to build such a house.

Another popular material for the construction of wooden houses is a beam. It is also made of coniferous rocks.

Today manufacturers offer a profiled timber. This allows you to adjust parts with high accuracy. Material with a rounded profile is more popular. The beam houses are easy in assembly and do not need additional processing. Antiseptic for wood is used in the processing of wood in production.

Unlike logs, the walls of the beam have less thermal conductivity, which significantly accelerates the process of warming the house into a winter cold. Just as log houses bring out excess moisture from the house. Like all wooden structures, a house from a beam does not need a massive foundation. The disadvantages of the beam include a large volume, one hundred complicates the drying process. When dried, the material may be deformed. Therefore, it is better to work with a dried tree. There is another negative point: like any tree, timber is a fire hazardous material.

In order to solve problems with shrinkage and deformation, today manufacturers are actively using glued beams. After drying, the boards are glued together using high-strength and moisture-resistant glue. Such material not only has all the positive properties of a log, but also has great strength, and also undergoes significant shrinkage. Installation of a house from glued laminated timber takes no more than a month. Among the disadvantages is the difficulty in creating multi-storey structures. It is not recommended to build more than two floors of glued beams.

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