Ceiling finishing options, ceiling repair in the apartment

Ceiling finishing options, ceiling repair in the apartment

Ceiling and repair

Your ceiling will change only in one case – if the house is being renovated. We will not mention the sad cases of flooding, although the repair of the ceiling in the apartment is inevitable in this case. You will face a problem – the choice of material, and this is really a problem, since the building materials market is very diverse. In this article, we will consider options for finishing the ceiling.

Dry building mixes are presented very widely. From simple ones that contain basic binders to the most complex decorative plasters. The ceiling can be painted, wallpapered, multi-leveled, ceiling tiles can be glued, a suspended or stretch ceiling can be made.

You need to decide on its appearance from the very beginning, because the choice of putty that should be purchased depends on it. If the ceiling is being prepared for painting, then it should be noted that painting will reveal all the flaws and errors (irregularities, drops, etc.).), and the light falling from the window will enhance them or brighten them up. But usually the backlight is from below, and this is how light falls from the window to the ceiling, the difference is only in its intensity, making minor defects more noticeable. And the painting itself will enhance small errors. Therefore, careful and repeated puttying and grouting will be required. Do not skimp on the material, as the appearance will depend on the quantity, and, of course, the quality.

Our houses, with the exception of elite and cottage construction, do not have the right lines, to put it mildly. The walls and ceilings of our apartments give the impression that the builders of the Soviet period did not know about the existence of such a tool as a level. Therefore, the ceiling will have to be thoroughly leveled. Suspended ceilings and multi-level (or single-level), plasterboard ceilings do this best. Here you should take into account the height of the apartment. So, in the “Khrushchev” the ceiling will reduce the height by at least five to six centimeters, and given the uneven walls, and by all eight to ten. Cracks and other delights of construction flaws, when preparing the ceiling for painting, should also be carefully repaired.

There are such subtleties as a primer. The ceiling must be primed. It is advisable not to dilute the soil, prime it with a brush (working with a roller requires skill and qualification), and do this even if it is supposed to simply glue the foam tiles (squares 60×60). The primer binds the dust and dirt that has accumulated on the ceiling over the years without repair, making the next stage of work easier and, most importantly, more durable. The soil binds together the applied materials. You can not primer only if it is suspended or tension.

Suspended ceilings are used, as a rule, in offices. You can mount it in the corridor, bathroom, toilet. Their advantages are that when neighbors flood the apartment, water will pass through the metal frame and tiles that make up the ceiling itself, leaving no unpleasant memories of the event in the form of stains on the ceiling. In addition, if the tile is dirty and has lost its attractive appearance, it can be removed, painted with water-based paint, and it will sparkle with new colors again.

Whatever ceiling is chosen, it should be remembered that the preparatory work can be mastered by yourself, but puttying, the manufacture of plasterboard structures, stretch ceilings, and suspended ceilings, too, require a certain skill and ability, so it is better to invite specialists. Only the ceiling made of PVC tiles can be glued with your own hands, or wallpapered over it, but in this case, you should be careful in your work and follow the instructions indicated on the packages.

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