Cranes for the construction industry. Types of faucets and what they do.

Cranes for the construction industry. Types of faucets and what they do.

A crane is a special construction equipment – a lifting machine that allows you to move materials vertically and horizontally. The first cranes were invented by the Greeks, although they were then set in motion not by an electrician, but by people or animals. However, they were used for almost the same purpose as today – for the construction of tall buildings. In the Middle Ages, cranes fit well into the process of unloading and loading ships, well, all the same construction. Naturally, early cranes were built from simple materials like wood. But with the advent of the industrial revolution, everything began to develop at a rapid pace.

When it comes to types of cranes, there is a large selection of brands, sizes, lifting capacities. This range of offers is designed to satisfy the demand for any type of work.

Here are some types of cranes for your work:

one. Car cranes on wheels or caterpillars. This is one of the most powerful units of such equipment in the construction business. Auto crackers are used for the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, buildings, towers, pipelines and so on.

2. Tower crane is available on most large construction projects. They lift hundreds of feet into the air different objects necessary for construction, most often concrete, steel, large tools and other building materials.

3. The sea crane is most often found on the coastline, where it is fixed on a boat or at the bottom. They are used to install or remove boats from water to the shore, as well as for lifting and placing objects on board the vessel or on the shore.

four. A goat crane is a bridge -type crane. It is most often used to serve open warehouses.

5. An electric winch is an electrical device that is used to lift and lower a load using a drum or wheel around which a rope or chain is wound.

If you need any type of crane, you can buy it or rent it. Leave your feedback about the manufacturers of construction cranes in the comments through the form below. Portal Proektstroy wishes you a successful choice of construction equipment.

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