decorative concrete

decorative concrete

Indeed, among the whole variety of materials that are available on the market for making garden paths, sidewalks, alleys, there is such a material that can compete even with stamped concrete, both in terms of design and capabilities. In order to dispel all existing doubts and make the right choice, you should understand the essence of decorative concrete technology.

This technology is one of the leading in the construction field in developed countries, for example, America, Germany, Japan or England.

Firstly, decorative concrete is a stove that is concreted and reinforced directly in part, structure. Standard method of performing work in accordance with regulatory documents.

When performing work on this technology, you will need to perform some operations with which you can get an attractive and durable coating:

one. insulation, should compact the base soil, the middle layer is crushed stone and sand.

2. It is necessary to lay the mixture in a concrete structure, and then align it.

3. Paint hardener should be applied to fresh concrete. It is a mixture of stable pigments, binder and granite particles filled with quartz sand. With the help of a fixative mixture, a better density of a slab made of concrete will be obtained, and most importantly, such a material will retain its color for a long time. In most cases, two layers of coloring pigment are sufficient, each of which must be sufficiently saturated with moisture, and the surface must be sufficiently smooth.

four. Next, the colored powder, which will prevent adhesion to concrete, and give the surface the effect of antiquity using an additional contrasting color.

5. Before pressing, you should wait some time to get the specific desired consistency, which will be similar to clay.

6. After the concrete surface has finished curing, it should be rinsed with water and acid rinsed to obtain the desired combination of two colors.

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