Diesel compressor: device and various modifications

Diesel compressor: device and various modifications

A device whose tasks are reduced to raising the pressure of gas by compressing, transporting, supplying the latter in the network and in which diesel fuel is used as fuel is called a diesel compressor.

Existing diesel compressors do not have fundamental differences from electric ones and differ: by the principle of operation, by design, by type of compressed gas, by discharge pressure, by productivity, by the volume of suction gas in units. time, power and speed, also for stationary and mobile.

Repair and construction work related to the use of pneumatic tools (painting equipment, airbrushes, drills, screwdrivers, grinders, wrenches, etc.).) and a shortage (complete absence) of electricity are carried out mainly with the participation of diesel compressors.

Reliable diesel compressor has a modern fail-safe multi-stage protection system and an electronic control unit for safe, trouble-free operation in harsh operating conditions. The diesel compressor can be controlled both manually and automatically – using a computer and without human intervention. The use of diesel compressors of a new generation is carried out in a wide range of temperatures, including negative ones, due to the built-in pre-start preparation unit. Diesel compressor, as a rule, is executed in a soundproof housing.

Manufacturers include automatic capacity control in the functionality of diesel compressors, which reduces the payback period and reduces the cost of work.

Reliable, compact, easy to operate and highly efficient, the mobile diesel compressor is considered a versatile device for small and medium-sized industries, construction or renovation.

The disadvantages of a diesel compressor include the periodic replacement of the fuel filter.

The warranty period for various models of diesel compressors varies from 1 year to 5 years when concluding a contract with the service department of the manufacturer.

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