Doors to the office: a beautiful and economical choice

Doors to the office: a beautiful and economical choice

For installation inside the office space, simple cheap office doors are most often chosen. Especially if the company is not interested in creating an expensive Western-style interior. This, of course, is not about the main entrance door to the company’s office. Such a door must be reliable and strong. We’ll talk about simple doors separating offices. What would be best in this case??

The cheapest option that combines aesthetics and a good price are smooth laminated doors. Such doors are elegantly suited to a simple interior, and their cost will not violate the budget of the organization.

The internal design of the door can be any. Panel doors, for example, are the cheapest. Laminating with a smooth layer of film will add shine to such a door and make it a great option in a business environment. The internal component of the shield door is a honeycomb core. It, unfortunately, will not provide soundproofing, so if this is relevant for your office, then it may not be an option for you. Monolithic door filler will make the door more impervious to sounds.

By the way, I would like to note that soundproofing for office doors is often of great importance. It’s worth considering! For example, if sales managers work in one office, and programmers work in another office, then it will be extremely difficult for the second to perform their functions, listening to the eternal hum from behind the wall. If you do not want to reduce the efficiency of staff, then choose strong walls and doors. The door with good sound insulation is filled with monolithic filler, well sewn.

An office door should be durable, because knocking will open and close it many times, and sometimes even slam it. Cleaning such a door should also be easy. Therefore, they often choose PVC doors for the office, that is, plastic.

When it comes to design, you should limit yourself to minimalism in color and texture, unless you are creating a particular style in the office. If there is a finished interior, then the doors, of course, are chosen for it.

Portal Proektstroy wishes your office good and high-quality doors at competitive prices.

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