edible linoleum

edible linoleum

Yes, it also happens – marketers go to whatever extremes to prove the naturalness of their products. But when it comes to Marmoleum, such tricks cease to be extreme. It is truly the most natural building material on the flooring market today.

Is he really that natural

Really. The composition of the mixture from which this wonderful linoleum is made includes:

Linseed oil

tree resin


wood flour

natural dyes

The result is not just a natural material, but even one with healing properties due to the content of the same linseed oil and resin, which have an antibacterial effect. Therefore, Marmoleum is most often laid in children’s rooms so that the kids can run barefoot on the floor and parents can not torment remorse.

True, this linoleum itself does not have natural warmth, so in the winter time it is not recommended to walk on it without a toe or slippers. Of course, this recommendation does not apply to the warm floor system. However, there are certain nuances here, like the same notorious 28 degrees. In general, be sure to receive a specialist consultation and do not forget to read the accompanying information to the product, as well as the rules for connecting a warm floor to the thermostat. Otherwise, you’ll throw out the money not the wind.

Are there any shortcomings

There is a disadvantage, in principle, only one – care. Since Forbo fundamentally positions Marmoleum as the most natural flooring, its protective layer is designed in such a way as not to hit hard on this very naturalness. That is, this is not a polyurethane varnish or its other counterpart, but a water-soluble protective coating that must be applied with enviable regularity.

But if you properly care for Marmoleum, then it will last a long time, and even a very long time, if not forever. And it’s not that much of an exaggeration. Wood resin has the ability to petrify. The same amber is nothing but the once fresh viscous resin. Therefore, with Marmoleum, as with wine – the older, the better.

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