Electrical work in the house: choose a switch

Electrical work in the house: choose a switch

Moreover, today there is a fairly wide selection of such products on the market, and it is not so easy to figure them out.

Switch housings are made from various materials. It can be plastic, ceramic and even metal (although the latter option is quite rare). Internal parts must be made of insulating materials. Pay attention to the working life of the switch. Regardless of what material it is made of, this indicator should be about 40 thousand on / off cycles (this is a requirement of current standards).

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Switches also differ in the way they are mounted, just like sockets. In general, there are two categories of such devices – they are designed for open or hidden wiring. For example, in wooden houses, the wiring is open, since there is no technical possibility to hide it, so it is fixed along the surface of the walls. In this case, overhead switches come in handy. But in most city apartments, cables and communications are hidden in the walls, so built-in switches are used. Their installation involves preliminary drilling. As a result, a hole is formed into which the installation box is placed, and the switch will be attached to it with screws. In general, the set is fixed with the help of special “legs” resting against the wall or special mounting plates. There are screw clamp switches (the wire is mounted between the contact plates with a screw), as well as screwless clamp devices, which are considered the best choice for copper wire.

When buying a switch, pay attention to its quality. The fact that it is made of high-quality material is evidenced by the absence of a sharp smell of plastic. Robust housing so easy to identify even visually. By the way, better systems often have more weight and do not deform when pressed. When buying switches, you can immediately purchase dimmers that regulate the intensity of lighting.

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