Fireplace needs proper care.

Fireplace needs proper care.

There are a few simple requirements, following which will help you properly operate the fireplace and avoid difficulties in caring for the “hearth”. In addition, compliance with these rules makes it possible to increase the life of the equipment.

Cleaning required

First of all, we note that fireplaces need to be cleaned only when they have already cooled down and therefore do not pose a danger. In no case should we forget about the regular cleaning of the furnace and chimney. Otherwise, due to the accumulated soot and soot, the diameter of the pipe may decrease, which poses a threat to fire safety.

An important factor to take into account when planning a cleaning is the regular use of the fireplace. If you light a fire quite often, then it is necessary to clean the pipe monthly. When the fireplace is turned on very rarely, it is recommended to clean it at least once a year. And, of course, do not forget that before you start the heating season and light the fireplace, you need to perform a high-quality cleaning of the smoke channels. Experts advise to carry out such work regularly: once every two months. Professional cleaning is carried out by specialists of specialized organizations involved in the maintenance of such equipment. The arsenal of employees of such companies includes specialized care products, as well as modern tools. All this makes it possible to easily free your “home” from ash and soot.

Remember fire safety

And finally, the use of fireplaces requires strict adherence to certain fire safety rules. So, for example, in a room where the “light” crackles, there must be at least one fire extinguisher. For open models, it is worth using a protective screen. If the floor around the hearth is not made of fire-resistant materials, then do not forget to create a special “patch” from a safe material. In addition, flammable liquids cannot be kept in the room, and, of course, you should not dry things near a fire. Until the fireplace has cooled down, do not allow the child to be in the room without your supervision.

As you can see, it’s not at all difficult to follow such rules: all this will help create a comfortable environment and save you from unnecessary problems.

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