floor tile design

floor tile design

Floor tile design makes a truly unique and amazingly beautiful floor. With this material, you can recreate a pool, a forest, a chessboard, drawings and abstract patterns – anything you can think of. This versatile material can be expensive, but it lets you play with your imagination like no other. Some of the most beautiful custom-made floors are made from tile designs, brooms.

If your heart is on tile design – it’s time to choose your material. You can design vinyl tiles, stone tiles, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles.

Vinyl Tile Design – Vinyl is an easy material to work with. It can be easily trimmed to create the shape you want. With vinyl tiles, you can create a logo or complex design on the floor. The problem with vinyl tiles is that if you are planning to install a pattern that is too complex you may find that small vinyl tiles are difficult to keep glued down. Another disadvantage is that vinyl tiles cannot be installed in heavy traffic areas as they wear out too quickly.

Stone tiles – stones like marble and granite can be used to create designs on the floor. If you want to have a stone floor tile you will find yourself limited in the choice of colors in natural stone.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are durable, come in a wide variety of colors and patterns that you can choose from. You can even order custom tiles. Hand-painted tiles, etched tiles and mosaics are all used to create beautiful floors.

Why Design Tile?

Floor tiles can be a great interior tool. Designer tiles unique shapes and colors can be combined to produce a floor that is nothing short of art. To make the interior more complete and delight you every day, it is better to use the services of an interior designer.

Tiles, brooms help:

Hide flaws in the floor if any

Create a one in a million floor

Create a long floor, easy to maintain

Add artwork to the least expected of all places – your gender!

Don’t forget that designer floor tiles can cost a neat package and installation will require trained hands and time.

Creation Design Tile

A simple design can be created by combining regular multi-colored or textured tiles. More complex designs like a compass can be created by cutting the required shapes from commercially available tiles. For an even more complex design, you need to order a tile.

The first step to complete the design you would like installed on your floor.

A reputed interior designer or flooring contractor can help give a specific shape to your ideas.

Designed to scale on paper. At this stage you can see how the design will look on the floor. In addition, you can calculate the number, color and shape of tiles that you need for your project. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may need to custom-make a hand-rolled tile, which will increase the cost of your flooring project.

Generally, especially glazed tiles with MOH close to 5 are preferred for ceramic art tiles. These tiles are hardy and easy to clean. After all, you want your investment in your designer floor to stay in pink health for years to come.

Designer tiles floors have a long history behind them. Beautiful designer tiles were used by the Romans, in ancient Europe to decorate churches and in Asia to decorate mosques and palaces. Floor tile designs have since been adopted by many commercial establishments and home owners are looking for something different.

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