Furniture quality assessment

Furniture quality assessment

Before you buy furniture, you must at least visually evaluate its quality. Sometimes, looking at an online catalog and seeing a particularly attractive model, we decide for ourselves: “I will definitely buy this!”, especially if the thing has an acceptable cost. However, upon closer examination, it may turn out that, despite the spectacular design, the quality of the furniture leaves much to be desired.

Visually, this is quite difficult to determine, but you can. After all, any piece of furniture is assembled from a number of parts, and the durability and safety of furniture will depend on their quality. If the furniture is cabinet, then very often chipboard of different thickness, class, and method of cladding is used for its manufacture.

The furniture body must be made of chipboard with a thickness of at least 18 mm to ensure the necessary rigidity of the structure and the furniture is not deformed due to deflections. If we are talking about a table, then the thickness of its table top must be at least 22 mm, which corresponds to the European standard. If the thickness of the plates is less, then this negatively affects the physical and mechanical characteristics of the furniture, that is, its strength and reliability.

In the production of office furniture, mainly laminated boards are used, which are not adversely affected by high temperature, moisture and sunlight. Laminated boards are considered to be of lower quality, and furniture from them will quickly lose its appearance. The manufacturer is obliged to indicate this information, but if it is impossible to obtain it, then it is better to refuse to purchase this furniture.

An important indicator of the quality of furniture is its environmental friendliness, that is, the minimum content of harmful substances (emission class E1).

Luxury furniture for the executive office is made in Spain. Precious woods, genuine leather, exquisite design – that’s what attracts Spanish furniture. Naturally, the price of such furniture corresponds to the quality.

The head office is the face of the company, it creates a certain image, and the success of the company largely depends on this, so you should not save on the purchase of furniture for the head office.

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