Gas supply at home: what you need to know

Gas supply at home: what you need to know

It may seem to you that the electricity in your country house performs all the necessary functions, but in reality, by consuming only it, you “kill” your budget. People in apartments and country houses are sometimes even eager to give up gas in favor of electricity, but realizing that they will lose a lot of money. Among those who love and appreciate their wallet and understand household chores, lately there have been many adherents of gas. And in this article, we will definitely tell you why.

First of all, autonomous gasification at home allows you to save on electricity, which is more expensive than gas.

What can gas be used for?? In addition to the popular belief, not only your stove can “eat” gas, but also gas generators that generate electricity. Gas can heat your entire house by supplying it to boiler equipment. So gas can give you everything you need. In addition, there are a number of devices, such as gas fireplaces, which also run on gas.

By the way, gasification of the house is more environmentally friendly than the use of electrical networks.

Gasification of the house is carried out using the main gas supply, and if it cannot be connected, alternative options are used. The good old way is gas cylinders, but autonomous gas supply is many times better and more efficient.

An autonomous gas supply system is a structure that, if very briefly, consists of a gas tank, shutoff valves, a gas pipeline and house wiring. With the help of autonomous gasification, houses are provided with an independent constant gas supply, independent of the main gas. Gas is stored in one container, if necessary, the system automatically doses its amount and supplies it to home devices. These are absolutely safe installations that have a lot of different protections.

An underground gas tank can be used for about 35 years, although it is recommended to inspect it at least once every ten years. Every time the gas supply runs out, the reservoir is filled with.

A number of companies are engaged in autonomous gasification, and the prices for the service and equipment vary.

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