Glued laminated timber for home

Glued laminated timber for home

To match the desired with the possibilities, glued beams are actively offered by experienced developers. The material, which not so long ago began to be widely used in the construction of houses, outbuildings, baths, country houses, has already attracted the attention of demanding customers. The use of glued beams in housing construction as a material for building walls becomes the key to a durable, environmentally friendly structure.

Wood as a material has not lost its relevance since ancient times, but this material has its drawbacks: it is susceptible to decay, can become a breeding ground for grinder beetles, shrinks over time. All these shortcomings are absent in glued laminated timber logs. The wood processed according to innovative technology is treated with an antibacterial agent after thorough drying in order to avoid further rot and parasites. At the next stage, the boards are glued together with a water-repellent compound that allows the wood to “breathe”, after which they are dried under pressure. And then the glued beam is carefully polished.

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For the construction of the house, lamellas with a section of 200 by 200 mm are used. A beam of this size gives massiveness to the structure. For a house made of material such as glued laminated timber, you do not need to spend money on a foundation, because a wooden frame is much lighter than a brick structure. At this stage, the customer can significantly save.

The low coefficient of thermal conductivity of a house made of glued laminated timber needs much lower heating costs. What will please the future owner. The advantage of this material will be the aesthetic appearance of the walls of the house from the inside, which do not need finishing. The natural structure of the building material will become the main decor element when working on the organization of the interior of the house. The anti-allergenicity of glued laminated timber, certified by nature itself, will help create a comfortable atmosphere for all the inhabitants of the house. Glued laminated timber meets European environmental safety standards.

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