Guest bedroom design

Guest bedroom design

Guest bedrooms are now being equipped for various reasons: someone often hosts relatives, and someone is involved in CouchSurfing or Airbnb projects. One way or another, it is desirable to make this room a real corner of coziness and comfort.

Here are some things to think about before you start renovating your guest room:

Save money if you are not accepting guests so often: make a room such as to maintain cleanliness in it as simple as possible; Get rid of the main problems with the walls, ceiling and floor; Buy simple furniture (a folding sofa or couch prefer a cheap frame and an inexpensive mattress of medium stiffness);

Order an interior design from a professional if you intend to often receive guests and even earn on this (for example, renting an apartment via Airbnb). Designers make up a full work plan for builders, purchase all the necessary materials and furniture, and can also conduct copyright supervision, monitoring compliance with their plan by workers. The designer has extensive experience, which means he better understands how to equip the room as efficiently as possible (useful in terms of cleaning, profitable design for constantly changing guests, etc.D. depending on your situation).

Maintain effective communication with everyone who will implement the guest room renovation project.

Provide a safe and tidy work area for your family members and pets.

Find the best materials within your budget.

Make sure the work complies with all building codes and regulations.

If you are hiring a firm, choose those who guarantee their work.

Prepare to respond quickly to questions and problems that arise during repairs.

So where to start?

Get an idea of ​​what you really want. Browse magazines and websites, collect pictures of things you like. This will give you or the designer a clear picture of what you are looking for.

Think about patterns, furniture size, colors and lighting.

Think about the budget. Consider furniture factories in your city (custom-made furniture directly from a good factory costs the same as regular furniture in a store, that is, there is no extra charge for the fact that it is produced according to your parameters, and not according to the parameters of the designer of the factory, is not charged – you pay the base price for the work of the masters of the workshop and the price for the materials used).

Design Choice

Stick to one style

Choosing every element of your guest room to match the overall style is one of the easiest ways to create a space that looks good and feels thoughtful and welcoming. Do not assemble a room by detail and do not use unexpected finds. Think of the style in advance and buy furniture and building materials according to the plan. No need to suddenly ask the factory to change the handles on the cabinet, because you found handles of an interesting design somewhere in the store. These pens can spoil the big picture. Chose once – stick to that choice.

Design to make guests feel at home

Homey details like a cozy chair with a plaid and a tray to put your morning coffee on will make guests instantly feel welcome. Leave them space in the closet for their things as well, and do not fill all the free shelves with your things.

Don’t Forget About Entertainment

A TV may seem like an expensive purchase for a guest room, and not everyone can afford it. Although TV is a nice bonus. Instead of a TV, you can leave guests with a bookcase with books (which they may like), as well as a table with an outlet where they can plug their laptop. Make sure wi-fi is good in the guest room.

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