Hair layers

Hair layers

Ten years ago, women in our country were available a very limited range of hair styling instruments – hair dryer and curling iron. Over time, this assortment has expanded significantly, and today every woman, depending on her preferences, can purchase a whole arsenal of such devices: here is a hair rectifier (iron), and styles (a set of special nozzles on a hairdryer), and, of course, forceps for laying for laying hair.

The peculiarity of many modern hair styling devices is not only to give the hairstyle the desired shape and volume, but also in hair care, care for their health.

Experience shows that any thermal effect does not affect the hair in the best way, and if you use a hair dryer, iron or tongs too intensively, this inevitably leads to the fact that the hair becomes dry and more brittle, split ends, lose their natural shine and silkiness.

That is why the use of any hair styling devices that use thermal exposure should be accompanied by regular hair care with restorative products and natural products (primarily decoctions and infusions of herbs and plants).

However, a woman would not be a woman if, in principle, she abandoned hair styling devices. Indeed, with the help of such a simple device as hair styling tongs, you can work real miracles! No wonder they are considered the most popular styling devices. With the help of modern tongs, you can style large curls or create a shock of curly small strands.

New in today’s range of curling irons are double and triple curling irons. The rods on them can be arranged in parallel, in the form of knitting needles or a triangle, which allows you to create fashionable curling options. Thanks to this, you can change your image at will: today it can be luxurious large curls in a classic style, and tomorrow – romantic small curls or waves.

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