Hallway design: interior, lighting, furniture

Hallway design: interior, lighting, furniture

As you know, any apartment begins with a hallway. Guests who come to the house, thanks to the hallway, appreciate the taste and style of the owner of the house. And do not forget that the first impression is far from the last role.

In city apartments, the hallways are often very small and elongated. But such flaws can be hidden from prying eyes. And in this case, you need to think carefully about the design of the hallways. First of all, you need to pay attention to the color. Do not make the interior of the hallways in dark colors.

If we talk about furniture that is intended specifically for such places in the apartment, then it should not be voluminous and large. Better if you get a more compact. And at the same time, it must have such qualities as reliability and functionality. And most importantly, the furniture should also have light colors.

Since the main feature of the hallways is the presence of many doors and the absence of windows, it is necessary to consider how to properly install the lighting. There are also fresh ideas about lighting. This is, for example, multi-level hallway lighting. You can also install spotlights that will be built into the cornice or ceiling. Pay special attention to the backlight of the mirrors, since very often before the exit, the hosts and guests evaluate their appearance.

Before making your hallway more convenient, a competent layout is needed. And here everything needs to be thought out to the slightest nuances so that the hallway is practical and has compact elements. The most optimal option will be built -in cabinets, in which case the cabinet will take up little space. And the cabinet doors are best to be sliding. The most relevant color of the cabinet, today, is considered matte.

Naturally, each person makes his hallway based on wishes and opportunities. In order for the hallway to be perfect, it is best to invite professionals who will help you choose, and correctly, both color, lighting, and furniture for your hallway. But, one way or another, this place in the apartment should be beautiful, cozy, it should not be overloaded with furniture and made in dark colors.

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