How to build a fence in the country with your own hands

What is a garden fence for?? First, it is needed to limit the territory. Secondly, if it is a blind fence, then it will protect from the effects of wind and sun. Thirdly, the fence can be used as part of the landscape design of the site and turn it, for example, into a hedge.

Those who decide to build a fence on their own site should remember to obtain a permit when building a fence above two meters and when building a fence more than one meter high if it is located next to the highway. Also, permission will be required for owners of corner plots and those on whose plot the erection of a fence can interfere with passers-by. The height of the fence in this case does not play a role.

The erection of a fence in a garden plot can significantly transform it, turning it into a small corner of paradise. What fence options are there??

wattle fence

This fence is great for a classic country house. Probably everyone imagines a wicker basket. Approximately according to the same principle, a wattle fence is built.

Everyone who wants to enclose their summer cottage with a wattle fence should be warned that this is a rather lengthy process that requires a lot of effort, time and patience. Keep in mind that the fence from the peeled branches will last longer. When the material is prepared, you can proceed directly to the construction of the fence.

The grid fence

Such a fence has at least one drawback – your site will be open to a review of everyone. The fence is almost invisible. And if a solid appearance or reliable structure is important, it is better to opt for something else.

If your site has a wooden house, then the fence-tape is perfect. However, most modern citizens relate to the country not as a small garden in which you can grow vegetables, and as a place of country rest and with such houses, the fence-tag will not look. Here you need something more solid.

Brick fence

The brick fence is durable, durable, does not require care. However, the high cost of building material can stop from its construction, t.e.e bricks and the need to build a reliable foundation, which further increases the cost of the finished building.

How to build a fence in the garden

The first thing to do is to measure the perimeter of the garden plot that needs to be surrounded by a fence. Next, the resulting figure must be divided into several equal segments. At the boundaries of the connection of these segments, poles 1.5 meters high are dug in.

The next stage is the manufacture of fence panels. To this end, three holes for metal pipes must be drilled in each side board. Steel pipes need to be fixed in holes. This will make the frame.

Next, you need to fill the resulting frame. It will be more convenient to work if you put it in a horizontal position. It is necessary to pass the boards between the pipes one by one. First over the extreme, then under the middle and again over the extreme. The next board should be located close to the previous one; it should be passed between the pipes in the reverse order. If you assemble the shield in this way, it will turn out to be quite durable. Finished shields are attached to the poles through the side boards. This is how wooden fences are built.

The most common type of fence is a corrugated fence. First you need to install the supporting poles. Then weld two or three profiled pipe beams to them. Next, you need to fasten sheets of corrugated board to the resulting structure with self-tapping screws.

A lot of construction companies will offer to build a fence of any complexity for you. However, many owners prefer to follow the principle of “if you want to do something well, do it yourself”.

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