How to build a glass block wall?

How to build a glass block wall?

Soon, this solution began to be applied to the windows of entrances in apartment buildings. And then glass blocks found their application in interiors. Many people think that this is a fragile material. Actually it’s not like that. The thickness of each wall of such a block is 6-7 mm. In Japan, where a lot of attention is paid to earthquake resistance, several interesting buildings have even been built from this material. In hot Spain, about 8 million are used annually throughout the country. pieces of glass blocks, which are popular due to their thermal insulation properties.

The fact is that inside the glass blocks are hollow, they are filled with air, this ensures their heat and sound insulation characteristics. Their decorative properties should also be given credit. The surface of the glass blocks can be smooth or embossed, they can be colored or white, transparent or matte.

As a rule, glass blocks are produced in several standard sizes. Moreover, they can be not only rectangular, but also triangular, and angular.

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In order to build a wall of glass blocks, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work, in particular, to clean the surfaces that will adjoin this wall. Then the marking of the future structure is done using a plumb line or level. In areas that are adjacent to the wall, special reinforcing elements are attached. By the way, in the masonry itself there should also be both vertical and horizontal reinforcing rods. Moreover, after laying the first two such rods with a trowel, you need to apply the masonry composition to the base, taking care of its uniform distribution, and then proceed to masonry work.

The masonry mortar must be thoroughly mixed, it is also recommended to give it 5-10 minutes to ripen (immediately after dilution). Then it is mixed again. To regulate the thickness of the seam, you need to use special crosses that are laid in the joints between the glass blocks (they then remain in the masonry). Excess solution must be removed from the surface.

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