How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

Any resident of the metropolis, after difficult everyday life, seeks to be at home as soon as possible in order to relax and unwind. That is why the situation in the apartment is very important.

A harmonious interior that pleases the eye can evoke positive emotions, a surge of strength, or, conversely, calm and give peace. All this can be achieved with the right choice of colors.

How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

It should be noted that there are no clear rules for choosing colors in an apartment. The main thing is that the owners should be pleasant and comfortable to stay. You can safely experiment with shades, the main thing is to remember that everywhere you need a “golden mean”.

The choice of color in the bedroom

This is one of the most important rooms in the apartment. First of all, it is designed for privacy and relaxation. Therefore, you should not choose bright, flashy colors when decorating this room. Saturated colors can irritate the eye and even cause insomnia.

The rest room should be decorated in pastel colors, mostly blue, beige or pink.

How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

Such shades soothe, relieve stress and restore strength. Although bright colors have a place to be. A good option would be bright objects or accessories, such as deadwood, vases or figurines.

Choice of colors in the kitchen

The kitchen is also an important place in the whole apartment. It has been proven that a harmonious interior in the dining area is not only pleasing to the eye, but also improves digestion. A good color scheme in the kitchen improves the mood and appetite of all family members.

Colors for renovation in the kitchen are better to choose bright.

How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

It can be yellow, green or red. The main rule when choosing a color is to respect the contrast. It is important to correctly dilute the catchy interior with calm accents.

Color choice in the living room

Since the living room is not the main room or a relaxation room, this is where you can let your imagination run wild. If the owners are very fond of receiving guests or having parties and holidays, then you can decorate the living room in bright colors, which will add solemnity to it.

Lovers of the classics will appreciate the natural colors. Perfectly combines a creamy or milky shade with a natural wood scale.

How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

To create coziness and warmth, light shades can be replaced with rich green, in the tone of a billiard cloth. Such colors will give the living room a gorgeous and rich look.

Color choice in the children’s room

The color scheme in the room for the child should contribute to its proper development. In addition, it should not be flashy, so as not to irritate the still weak child’s psyche.

For very young kids, it is better to choose calm shades of blue, pink, yellow or beige. And if blue and pink represent the gender of the child, then yellow or beige are universal shades.

Later, when the baby grows up, you can decorate a plain room with bright patterns or accessories. However, if the child has already gone to school, then it is better to remove flashy details from the room, as they can distract the child from the main activities, preventing him from concentrating.

Choice of colors in the bathroom

Bright, but at the same time natural colors, for example, the color of rich greens or aqua, will be a great solution for decorating a bathroom. These colors are great for refreshing the room.

How to choose a color when renovating an apartment

By the way, this choice of colors is optional. Recently, it has become extremely fashionable to design a bathroom in bright red or black colors. Both in the first and in the second case, the interiors in this range do not look heavy or ridiculous, and the sheen of the metal makes the atmosphere more futuristic.

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