How to choose a dog

How to choose a dog

Finally, you decided to get a dog, or rather, a puppy, which you have to choose and raise yourself. You can, of course, buy a puppy at a pet store or from friends, but if you want a real thoroughbred puppy, then it’s better to contact a nursery that specializes in certain breeds of dogs. For example, in the White Angel kennel you can buy a charming Maltese lap dog, which will become a true friend and wonderful companion, and here you can also learn about how a dog should be cared for.

The most suitable age for a puppy is one and a half months. A puppy who is more than three months old may already have bad habits that will have to be fought, and a puppy of one and a half months is easier to raise in the way you see fit.

It is advisable to look at the mother of your future pet, find out her pedigree, find out what diseases her relatives suffered from. Choosing one puppy from a litter is often very difficult – they all look so cute. And yet there are several criteria that should be followed when choosing a puppy.

A puppy’s appearance can tell a lot about their health, so look to see which puppy in the litter is the biggest, fattest, and has the shiniest coat, all of which are signs of good health.

Another indicator of health is the lively, active nature of the dog. A timid, slow puppy inspires pity, but you should not follow her lead, even if you firmly decided to buy a dog. If you are not well versed in dog care, you are unlikely to be able to notice signs of disease in a timely manner. It is better to take such a problem puppy to an experienced dog breeder.

It is easy to check which puppy is the most courageous and active – just throw something on the floor and watch the reaction of the puppies: at first they all run away, but whoever comes up first is the most courageous. Puppies are usually very friendly, but think about who you need – a friend or a sycophant who will suck up to everyone. However, this applies more to large dogs, and in small decorative dogs, affection and friendliness can only be welcomed.

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