How to choose a leather sofa, which leather sofa to choose

How to choose a leather sofa, which leather sofa to choose

In the interior of almost every apartment you can find a sofa. Of course, a leather sofa is more considered an element of luxury and business style, emphasizing the importance and status of its owner, than home furniture. Although recently leather sofas can also be found in the hallways or living rooms of apartments. Naturally, such a sofa, like any other furniture, should be comfortable and practical, so you should choose such an expensive interior detail, following some rules. So, how do you choose the right leather sofa??

First decide on the size of the sofa. A very large sofa will look out of place in a small office or room, and a sofa that is too small will visually “get lost” in a large room. If you nevertheless opted for a large-sized product, then before paying for your purchase, think about whether it will pass through sometimes rather narrow doorways.

Also pay attention to the color of the leather sofa. Of course, a white sofa looks more luxurious than sofas made in dark colors, but it also has its drawbacks. The most important of them is the need to regularly and quite often wash and clean it. If this prospect does not scare you, then perhaps it makes sense in such a purchase. In addition, a snow-white leather sofa will last you less than its dark-skinned counterpart – do not forget about this moment.

Do not buy sofas in bright and flashy colors – as a rule, the fashion for such colors passes very quickly. Therefore, if you do not want to re-purchase a sofa in calmer and more restrained tones in a few years, do it right away. A modest sofa, if desired, can always be “revitalized” with the help of bright decorative pillows or for some time cover it with a blanket with a pattern fashionable in this season.

No one will argue with the statement that leather sofas belong to the classical type of furniture. Therefore, do not buy such sofas of bizarre models – a leather sofa is preferable to purchase a classic shape. Of course, if the interior of your home is designed precisely in the avant -garde style, then the leather product should be at least a model to match it.

Any sofa, including leather, must be comfortable. Therefore, choosing a leather sofa model, do not hesitate to sit down on each product you like. Even if you select this furniture only for receiving guests or business partners, think how difficult it will be for you to conclude business contracts, if your guests are elementary to sit. Decide how comfortable it is to be located on it not only in the middle, but also at its edges. Evaluate its height – too high sofas are as uncomfortable as low ones. Determine how comfortable his armrests are and, after evaluating all the factors, make the final choice.

Rarely, but there are leather sofas for sale that have a factory defect. These, for example, may include chipped wooden elements or a color mismatch between the pillows and the sofa itself. To avoid buying a low-quality sofa, inspect it as carefully as possible and if you find the slightest marriage, refuse to buy and choose another model.

Pay attention to the seams of the product you are purchasing – if they are not just double, but also strong and even, then this means that you have a sofa of good quality.

Take a closer look at the back of the sofa – by the way it looks, you can also determine the quality of this furniture. If the sofa looks as beautiful from behind as it does from the front – it is upholstered in the same leather, its seams are just as straight, and it is dyed with high quality even in these places, then you can safely purchase it.

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