How to choose bathroom curtains

How to choose bathroom curtains

Do we need curtains in the bathroom? After all, you can carefully try to take a shower and at the same time not pour over the wall and everything around. You do it this way? But, it’s better to relax, completely and completely immerse yourself in the water extravaganza and forget about everything. Therefore, taking a shower with curtains is more pleasant and easier. Especially with our today’s choice of bathroom curtains, they are now, like ordinary polyethylene, and trendy modern designs.

So, how to choose curtains for the bathroom? It’s no secret that shower curtains were designed to keep water out of the shower or tub. This is, of course, their main task. Curtains can also become a decoration of the bath, with the right selection. In any store, when choosing curtains, you will be presented with several types of them to choose from. The most popular curtains are considered made of polyethylene. They have a huge selection of colors and sizes. They can be with different patterns, and plain. Also, the choice of such curtains will not hit the budget.

More expensive, but practical and reliable, will be bathroom curtains, consisting of several materials, such as polyester, textile, PVC and vinyl. They can be selected according to the type and style of your bathroom. They can also be purchased as accessories for the shower cabin. These curtains can be machine washed at 40 degrees, bleached and ironed.

Also, when choosing, pay attention to the methods of closing and opening the curtain. You can choose blinds that are static, they do not need to be adjusted for adjustment. It looks like a fixed wall that protects the room from the flow of water. Can be done with regulation. This is due to the design of the curtain itself. Represent not one, but several sections. The size of the bathroom is directly proportional to the number of sections. They are very handy in a small bathroom as they can simply be folded up and put away until needed. You can choose the original shape of these curtains, which will decorate your bathroom.

What the experts say?

That’s what professional experts always complain about, that they mainly choose curtains that merge with the overall tone of the bath. People do not fully understand that this is also an important accessory. It would be better if it became the main decor of the bathroom. For example, if you stick to the same theme throughout the bathroom space, then you should consider a new color palette and new ideas for the bathroom. If you have a nautical themed bathroom, then you should have a separate element on the curtains, for example, some kind of separate marine animal.

The main thing is that the design of the curtain is not the background.

Curtain accessories

When buying curtains for the bathroom, do not forget to buy a rod and curtain rings. Pay a lot of your attention when buying accessories. Rings can be chosen chrome or plastic colored. Different in length and shape, you can choose rods. Rods are curved and straight, springy fastening mechanism. There are two sizes for the rod: from 125 cm to 220 cm from 75 cm to 125 cm. and don’t forget to follow your design decisions when choosing bathroom curtain accessories.

When choosing a new curtain and styling your bathroom, use our few rules:

What percentage of visibility should your curtain have?.

Will the curtain be closed or will it be open most of the time when you are in the bathroom.

How do you arrange the rest of the accessories in the bathroom. Maybe something softer suits you?

Also, if you want to create a modern and unique look, use templates by color, and don’t be afraid to take risks with them. You can get a bright red curtain while the main color of your bathroom is white.

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