How to choose the color of the door and laminate

How to choose the color of the door and laminate

Having started repairs, often the question arises of how to combine the color of the door and the color of the laminate. According to the laws of fashion, in our life everything is customary to combine with each other. This applies to both clothing, accessories, and color schemes in furniture and home interior items. As it turned out, even the color of the laminate and doors should be combined.

How to choose the color of the door and laminate

For many, this is the most difficult question. But, the answer to it can be two options:

The colors are completely compatible with each other, that is, they are made in the same color scheme.

The color of the laminate and the door are completely different, while emphasizing each other.

The first option will not look bad in the kitchen, hallway, especially in the one where there are several doors, and they must be made of the same material. Accordingly, the color of the laminate is selected to match them. Also, the same color of the door and laminate is well suited for small rooms. Including for those rooms whose windows face east or north (in this case, both the door and the laminate are selected in light golden colors, thanks to which a warm, cozy atmosphere is created in the room).  Consider the fact that for small rooms you need to choose lighter tones, otherwise the already small room will visually become even smaller.

How to choose the color of the door and laminate

The second method is characterized by the fact that the color of the door will be dark and the laminate light, or vice versa, t.e. need to create a contrast. As for furniture, it is desirable to select it to match the door, not the floor.

If you opted for the second option, we will give you some useful tips:

Don’t be afraid to make the contrast stand out, that’s the whole point.

Laminate, door and furniture should be done in either cool tones or warm (not quite a good choice of bleached oak with a cold lilac tint next to warm chocolate chestnut or redwoods).

If the laminate is dark and the door is light, the skirting boards must be selected in combination with the color of the door. Then you will give the room a “finished” look. If, on the contrary, the laminate is light and the door is dark, then it does not matter at all what color your baseboard will be. Just remember that only two colors should be used in the combination of the door, floor and baseboard, and no more. Otherwise, the appearance of the room deteriorates, and unsuccessful color combinations will immediately catch the eye.

Try experimenting by combining the color of the walls with the color of the door, t.e. make them in one color scheme, and pick up the color of the laminate in a completely different color. You can dilute the sharp contrast with decorative elements, such as curtains or other accessories.

How to choose the color of the door and laminate

Accurately selected color schemes are the key to the success of a beautiful interior. The human eye is capable of literally at every step to meet with visual illusions, with their proper use, you can achieve the most incredible results.

Everyone knows that a small room can be made more comfortable and spacious if it is made in light colors, while the walls, doors and floor should be light. And vice versa, dark color schemes can reduce the space of even a too large hall, turning it visually into a small modest room.

Warm colors are most welcomed by our eyes, they are able to cheer up and give a feeling of comfort. Cold, strict light colors visually make the space wider, while evoking a feeling of pleasant relaxation and tranquility.

Generally speaking, these are just tips for choosing the color of the door and laminate, but the choice is always yours. You are the owners of your home, so your decision is yours, and no one can challenge your opinion.

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