How to grow grapes in your garden

How to grow grapes in your garden

Now it has become possible to grow grapes in the middle and even in the northern latitudes of the country, thanks to new adapted varieties.

To start growing grapes on your site, you must, first of all, choose a place and prepare the soil for this crop in the fall.

Grapes should be planted in places that can protect it from cold winds, where melt water will not stagnate for a long time. The best places to grow will be the south sides (slopes). Very good if it is possible to plant grapes between buildings.

When landing, the distance from the wall should not be less than 1 meter.

Grapes love light, quickly warmed soils. The depth of groundwater must be at least 1.5 meters. The soil is suitable slightly alkaline or neutral.

Grapes are planted in open ground in spring, when the soil warms up. You should be guided by the weather and soil structure. Landing time: end of April-mid-May. Due to the short growing season, it is impossible to be late with planting, this can destroy your plant. Planting grapes in autumn is not recommended due to unsuitable climatic conditions.

Before planting, it is necessary to check the seedlings, remove the dead parts of the roots and shoots. Do not leave seedlings in the sun and wind if they have an open root system.

Before proceeding directly to planting seedlings, 2-3 buds should be cut off on their shoots. After that, the cut point should be lowered into molten paraffin (garden pitch, wax).

Further. Prepare planting holes, pour ½ bucket of nutrient soil or humus into them.

Prepare a mash with two parts clay and one part rotten mullein in a bucket of water. Should be the consistency of liquid sour cream. The roots of the seedlings should be lowered there and held there for several minutes. Then the seedlings can be planted.

The soil around the planted seedlings must be tamped and poured with warm water, the temperature of which is 30-40 degrees. Then you need to spud the earth around the seedlings.

When growing fresh shoots, you need to make sure that their number is not more than two pieces, breaking out all the others.

The distance between seedlings should be 1-2.5 meters, between rows – 1.5-2 meters (depending on the variety, place and method of formation of seedlings).

Seedlings should be located from south to north.

With the onset of summer, each seedling should be supported by thin stakes or light trellises should be made. Growing shoots should be tied to them with twine.

Particular care should be taken to care for seedlings in the first year of their life, remove weeds, cut off stepchildren, loosen the soil, conduct timely watering and top dressing.

Insofar as, in our soils there are enough moisture and nutrients in our soils, do not overwork the earth with excessively frequent watering. And top dressing is needed only on sandy lands or heavy clay.

The best fertilizer for grapes is adult manure. You can use peat, compost, bird droppings, core of wood, manure and dung slide. You cannot use nitrogen minibus, delaying the growth of shoots.

Another very important point in growing grapes is to open it after wintering. You can not open grapes after the first days with warm weather. As a rule, there are frosts again behind them, which will destroy the eyes spreading on the vine. And frosts to minus 6 degrees can also damage the wood of your grapes.

You can open grapes only in late April and early May. After opening, the ground part of the plants must be treated with a solution (3-5 percent) of copper or iron sulphate. This will help protect plants from fungal diseases and slow down bud break.

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