How to lay a metal tile yourself?

How to lay a metal tile yourself?

At the same time, the process of laying metal tiles is quite simple, so even a person who has never dealt with such processes can do it.

Advantages of metal tiles

Firstly, such material can be laid on various surfaces without prior preparation of the roof. Secondly, the metal tile is characterized by a high level of resistance to the negative effects of moisture, as well as other atmospheric phenomena. The metal tile tolerates serious temperature changes perfectly, without losing the main quality characteristics.

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Almost all modern metal tiles are produced on high -tech equipment (machines) on innovative technologies that provide high quality and maximum safety of the material for human health and the environment. It is also worth highlighting that such material can be laid without even removing the old roofing. You can also note a wide variety of shapes and colors of modern metal tiles, which will help to choose the desired option in almost any situation.

How to lay a metal tile yourself?

Before you start laying metal tiles, you must definitely take care of creating a reliable waterproofing layer. Sheets of metal tiles can be fastened to a special crate, which can be made of wood or metal. In this case, the width of the boards or profiles must be at least 100mm. The roof slope should be made at a slope of 140 degrees, and the rafters should be located in steps of 350 mm. Between the crate that goes to the cornice and the one that follows it, a certain distance of 50mm must be left.

The installation of the material should begin from the right end of the roof and, be sure to move up. Each new sheet must be overlapped on the previous one, and also well secured with special staples.

After the completion of the main work, you can start warming the roof. Thus, a reliable “pie” can be created under the roof, which will make the roof reliable, durable and undoubtedly attractive.

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