How to photograph an interior

How to photograph an interior

Interior photography is not easy, but you can and even need to learn everything. Although many people believe that interior photography is the lot of professionals, and only lovers of this genre may need such knowledge, this is not at all the case. The ability to photograph the interior with high quality and correctly can be useful when traveling, when shooting the decorations of museums, palaces or castles, as well as exhibitions or trading floors.

You will also need to know the nuances of interior photography if you are shooting a portrait in a room and want to include interesting details of the room design. Or maybe you are a wedding photographer and you have a newlyweds photo shoot in a luxury hotel, then you definitely need to take into account the recommendations regarding this genre.

How to photograph an interior

And finally, you need to be able to shoot the interior beautifully if you want to sell or rent your apartment, because the number of people who want to see your living space will largely depend on spectacular photos. Using the recommendations and advice of photographers whose pictures are full of pages of real estate magazines, as well as other glossy publications, will help you learn how to photograph the interior correctly.

Necessary equipment

For high-quality shooting, you need a camera with manual settings, as well as a fairly powerful flash and halogen lamps.

How to photograph an interior

But don’t be discouraged if you don’t have professional studio lighting, with the right approach you can get by in some cases with local lighting, such as lamps, chandeliers or lamps, if the light is really bright. On a clear sunny day, you will most likely not need studio flashes, and you can work in natural light.

When shooting indoors, a wide-angle lens is the best solution, which is especially good when photographing in a fairly limited space. If the room is quite spacious, then you can use standard or regular lenses.

Preparing the room for filming

Before you start shooting the interior, you need to carefully inspect the room for the presence of unnecessary objects in the frame. These can be bright objects that are out of the general tone rhythm of the room, or unnecessary things that do not fit into the frame at all, such as clothes.

How to photograph an interior

Remember that the interior, like photography of any other genre, should not only be harmonious and presented in the right light range, but also create an atmosphere of comfort and desire to be in the frame.


Lighting is key in interior photography. Too little light in a room will show dark, unfavorable corners, and too much light will cause objects to discolor, so you need to find a balance and optimal light for your shot.

How to photograph an interior

In order to even out the lighting, it is recommended to use studio devices or yellow helium filters on flashes. Remember that east-facing windows should be photographed in the morning, west-facing windows should be photographed in the afternoon, and north or south-facing windows should be photographed during bright light.


Professional photographers advise shooting interiors at slow shutter speeds using a tripod, which will help get rid of the slightest camera shake during shooting. In this case, it is recommended to set the aperture in values ​​​​from 16 to 22, and set the ISO to the lowest value in order to avoid the slightest noise in the photo.

But again, it all depends on the author’s idea, if the photographer wants to show the entire design of the room, then the depth of field will be maximum, but if he wants to highlight any object, then the depth of field will be small.

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