How to plant mature trees

How to plant mature trees

Often there is a need to plant already mature trees. As a rule, this is done when creating any landscape idea on its land plot.

But it should be borne in mind that it is likely that the adult tree will not take root and die. Therefore, if you decide to plant an adult tree, then it is necessary to carry out work using special technology.

Planting time should be chosen in winter. This is the most basic difference between trees planting in adulthood. This is due to the fact that at this time all the processes of vital activity slow down, and the smallest load will fall on the root system of the transplanted tree. Then, most of its strengths, the tree will allow the process of survival in a new place for itself.

During the digging of a tree, it is necessary to take the entire lump of the earth in which the root system is located or try to dig up so that the earth coma is as many roots as possible.

This is another feature of this technology.

An earth ball will protect the root system from various damages (which are inevitable) during transportation and transplantation.

Such trees are much more likely to successfully survive.

Naturally, in this case, all the requirements and rules regarding the care of transplanted adult trees should be followed.

For reliability, you can leave the dug up tree for several hours in the cold. Then the lump of earth will freeze stronger and will perfectly protect the roots of the plant from damage.

As a rule, trees are transported by special vehicles, subject to all safety rules.

The next feature of this type of planting mature trees. Such work must be carried out at a temperature of minus 18 degrees or higher. The fact is that at lower temperatures, tree branches become brittle and can break very easily, which should be avoided in every possible way. This will lead to additional loads during plant survival and can cause great damage to the aesthetic quality of the tree itself.

To plant a tree, you should prepare a hole of appropriate size, so that the entire earthen room can freely fit.

In order for the planted adult tree not to fall from strong winds, it should be fixed with specially prepared stretch marks. These stretch marks should be adjusted in length. Since it may be necessary to adjust the length of stretch marks when the slope of the tree changes.

If you conduct proper care for a tree, then it will be able to completely take root for one or two seasons.

Trees care

The first thing to care for the planted adult wood will be is watering. The first year to water the tree should be quite plentiful. It is necessary to pour under a tree up to 40 liters of water every 3-4 days.

If the weather is hot, then watering should be increased to 50 or even to 200 liters, and it is necessary to water it every other day.

In the summer or autumn transplantation of trees (what to do is undesirable), it is recommended to remove all the remaining leaves from the tree. This will enable the plant to direct all its forces to the process of survival. But in general, the tree is able to lose foliage. So, this should not scare and alarm.

After planting a tree, it must be fertilized. This will help the faster restoration of the root system and its growth.

As a fertilizer, it is recommended to use root, heteroauxin or epin. You can apply the combination of “bioplex” and “mycoriza”.

It will be good if you make complex fertilizers “Agrifors” and “Sierra”. They are good for acting for a long time.

If the tree is planted in the spring-summer time, then it should be shaken and, except watering, spray the entire crown with water.

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