How to prepare a home for an elderly person?

How to prepare a home for an elderly person?

As we age, our lives change, so older people need housing that is different from that of a young person. Few people decide to give up their house or their apartment when they reach old age, but changing property can be a big plus. One way or another, the interior of the house must be changed, even if you do not plan to move.

Older people are best off living in a community, such as a gated community or a home shared by other retirees. Despite the fact that there are lovers of solitude, society and company in most cases are useful not only as a means of outside help, but also as a stimulator of activity and interaction necessary for better health and quality of life.

Surveys show that more than half of people, when they retire, refuse to move to other housing – their home is the best option for a good quality of life. In this case, in the apartment / / or handrails for sitting down and lifting from the toilet. Handrails and railings are required almost anywhere in an elderly person’s home, but especially in the bathroom or shower. Anti-slip mats and other coverings are also needed.

It’s never too early to plan home renovations for yourself in the future. The sooner you start making changes that will help you as you age, the better. These changes will reduce age-related pain, improve health, mobility, and even self-esteem.

Walk through your home and see what can be added to improve the quality of life?

If we are talking about a two-story country house, then you can immediately think about lifts and elevators, as well as expanding doorways and changing the shower.

Consider moving outlets up off the floor so you don’t have to bend over. Door handles that need to be pressed should be replaced with rotary handles. Even if a person is not weakened and does not have mobility problems now, with age all this will be very useful.

The bathroom needs to install cabinets and shelves with essentials.

It is worth replacing the flooring with a less slippery option, such as cork floors.

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