How to prepare walls for finishing

How to prepare walls for finishing

The wall covering is cleaned of dirt and dust, after which potholes and cracks are removed. And the application of the primer begins, good adhesion of the wall and the primer, strengthening, as well as leveling. Next, the plaster is applied.

It is desirable to use modern polymer mixtures, where cement or gypsum is used as the basis. Gypsum is used in residential premises, and cement in residential, wet and utility premises. But you can use the gypsum mixture in the bathroom in the kitchen if a waterproofing primer is used, and high-quality ceramics are used as cladding.

cement base

If the plaster is applied correctly, you will get a durable even layer. Cement is good to use in wet areas. Cement can be applied in thin or thick layers. To level complex bases, you need to use a wire plaster mesh. Before starting the facing work, it is necessary to perform putty.

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Gypsum base

It can be used indoors and is applied in a thin layer. The material is plastic and there are no cracks on the basis, after applying it. A smooth and even surface can turn out without further plaster. If the room is dry, then gypsum gives moisture, if wet, then on the contrary removes excess moisture.

First, the base of the wall should be treated with a primer, if the wall is uneven, then you need to fix the plaster mesh and beacons on it. If the wall is very crooked and winding, then it is performed in 2 stages. First, the first layer is applied, and the second in a day. Plaster and leveling should start from the middle. When it dries, the plaster of the extreme areas is performed. The entire surface of the wall as a result should be even. When the canvas is completely dry, then the lighthouses are removed.

At the last stage, putty is performed, during which alignment, grinding and finish is performed. Also putty is performed to remove minor defects.

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