How to quickly remove tobacco smoke in the apartment

How to quickly remove tobacco smoke in the apartment

If a smoking person lives in the apartment, then all other family members experience inconvenience. Constantly having to inhale the unpleasant and harmful smell of tobacco smoke. But this smell can be eliminated easily and very quickly if you use the following methods.

How to quickly remove tobacco smoke in the apartment

Take advantage of natural flavors. Within one or even two days, orange peel or coffee beans can clean the house of tobacco smell. It must be cut and put in a cup. Do the same with coffee beans. These natural flavors will purify the air without harming your health.

You can purchase an essential oil with your favorite scent of any plant or fruit. They are always in every pharmacy. Pour a little sea salt into a small glass jar and drop a few drops of this oil on top. But this method can only mask the smell of tobacco for a while, but it cannot completely remove it.

How to quickly remove tobacco smoke in the apartment

You can use your perfume. It is necessary to slightly sprinkle a light bulb in the chandelier. When you turn on the light, you will smell the aroma of your favorite perfume. Apply perfume on a cold lamp. If you put perfume on a red-hot lamp, it will burst.

It is also necessary to remove the tobacco smell from the surfaces of tables, cabinets, shelves and other furniture. This can be done by wiping the furniture with water mixed with vinegar (1:2). But after surface treatment, the room must be ventilated, otherwise the smell of vinegar will remain for a long time. With vinegar water, you can lightly wipe the wallpaper with a strongly wrung out cloth.

The following solution will permanently save you from cigarette smell: pour 3 liters of water into a jar, adding half a cup of ammonia, a quarter cup of table vinegar and the same volume of baking soda. Treat the floor and all other surfaces in the apartment with this solution, where there may be a touch of cigarette smoke. But you have to be careful not to leave streaks. Otherwise, the smell will not disappear. If the solution changes color, then immediately change it to a new one to continue processing the surfaces of the room.

How to quickly remove tobacco smoke in the apartment

If the apartment has a carpet or rug, then it definitely smelled of tobacco smoke. If the carpet has a long pile, then it is cleaned with baking soda shampoo. Very little soda is required. The product will clean the carpet, there will be no damage. After treatment, the carpet must be dried well.

If you want to remove the smell of smoke on the floor, then you need to pour a thin layer of baking soda and leave it for 24 hours. After that, collect the soda with a vacuum cleaner. But this method gives a noticeable result only after a few such procedures.

An unpleasant constant smell in the kitchen and in the rooms can be removed by pouring some rice into the plate. Put it in a place where people smoke all the time. Rice absorbs the smell of cigarette smoke like a sponge.

Laundry soap and soda can help fight smoke. This solution can even process soft toys, blankets and clothes. But we must remember that soda can adversely affect some types of fabric. Good clothes can be ruined. You can soak things, toys, tulle in a weak solution of chlorine. Then rinse everything in a solution of soda. The smell will disappear.

There is another simple but effective way. It is necessary to wet a few terry towels and hang them around the apartment. Towels will absorb unpleasant cigarette smells, the apartment will be freshened up, and even the humidity in the room will increase. Once completely dry, towels can simply be washed in the machine.

But the best way to get rid of the smell of tobacco in the house is to stop smoking! Then the problem with removing the tobacco smell will disappear by itself.

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