How to turn an ordinary room into a magic children’s

How to turn an ordinary room into a magic children’s

If you have a child, then in your house you need children’s furniture. It is with its help that you can make a children’s not only beautiful, but also a magical. So that the child feels comfortable here, played cheerfully, he studied hardly and slept sweetly. The children’s room performs many different functions: it is a game, bedroom, dining room and an office for classes.

The rhythm of children’s lives is very dynamic, so it is important to make your child’s life as comfortable as possible, this can be done with high-quality children’s furniture.

Children’s furniture in Gomel is not a shortage. But you have to look for really good quality.

When choosing furniture for the nursery, you first need to determine what exactly you need. The most basic – a bed, a separate wardrobe or chest of drawers for children’s things and a drawer or shelf for children’s toys. If space and financial possibilities allow you, then you can equip a wonderful children’s room. If not, then you still can’t do without children’s furniture.

When choosing furniture, beauty and convenient design are not the most important thing. Several criteria must be taken into account:

Furniture design, choose the safest for the baby – these are rounded walls, securely fixed, stable legs and rubberized edges.

The material from which it is made must be environmentally friendly.

Well-thought-out design so that there are no large and non-functional decorative elements.

Furniture on wheels can become dangerous when a child wants to ride it.

When buying children’s furniture in Gomel, pay attention to popular stores and brands that have proven their products.

When designing a room, don’t try to put as much furniture in the room as possible, leave room for play.

In the arrangement, it is important to take into account the fact that the desktop must be placed by the window. The child at work should receive enough light.

Children’s furniture should be selected in accordance with the age norms and needs of the child.

Up to 2 years old, the child needs, first of all, a comfortable bed. Pay attention to the sides, they should be high enough so that the grown child does not fall out of it. A chest of drawers, a high chair and a good rug are enough for the comfort of a child at this age.

From 2 to 6 years the bed should be changed. It should be not only comfortable, but also as useful as possible, the mattress can be softer than for a baby, it can already have springs.

At preschool age, the child’s personality is being formed, in the game, he masters social roles, so the furniture must be very functional. Be sure to need a table and chairs for games and developmental activities. The child’s room is overgrown with new toys, you need a place to store them. To do this, invented beautiful boxes, different shapes, sizes and styles.

At the age of a child from 6 to 12 years old, the room should meet the needs of the younger student, the room should have not only a recreation area, but also an equipped area for classes. Choose the most comfortable desk and chair, you can buy transforming models, which will significantly save on the purchase of furniture as the child grows. The bed needs a standard adult length, and at least 90 centimeters wide.

Children’s furniture in Gomel is available not only new, but also used. It can be bought from. But get ready for the fact that her appearance will be shabby, and the quality is poor. In addition, the service life of some materials is not too long, they begin to emit toxic volatile compounds. There is a possibility of wasting money, do not risk your child’s health.

When buying, carefully study the relevant certificates.

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