How to use bedding to turn a cheap bed into a luxurious bed

How to use bedding to turn a cheap bed into a luxurious bed

You will understand me if I say that I like taking care of my bed? Beautifully tuck it in every morning, fluff up pillows, straighten the blanket so that everything looks perfect, like in a picture or in a movie. Don’t you like to crawl into a smooth and organized bed in the evening, after a long day at work, instead of the tousled and crumpled mess that many call their sleeping place??  Choosing the right bedding for your bed frame is the key to creating a great place to sleep.

There are hundreds of bed styles and even more bedding options, so it’s possible that you’re already confused when choosing your desired product. Let’s discuss all this in this article.

First you need to choose a mattress. In addition to the important detail of comfort, the mattress also gives the necessary visual complement to the frame – the mattress decides the final height of your bed. The higher your mattress, the more luxurious the bed looks.

The most common bedding style support option is the frame. If you have a beautiful headboard, then bedding should only complement it, not hide it. A simple oversized blanket will look great, while it should cover the entire bed and go down along the edges, covering the height of the mattress.

If your bed frame is not very beautiful (for example, you decide to buy a cheap chipboard bed), then you can order or buy a bed skirt. Note to yourself that in our country this is a rare product, while abroad there are cheap and diverse options for this product. (Hint: go to ebay and search for bed skirt). If there is a headboard, but you don’t like it, contact the studio where they will sew the upholstery for the headboard for you – you will put it on a cheap frame and turn your bed into a luxurious bed in a matter of seconds.

In addition, pillows give a beautiful look to the bed. The standard option for beds from 140 centimeters is not two pillows, but four. That is, two pillows 70×70 and two half pillows 50×70. Some bed linens are sold with 4 pillowcases, but in most cases, sets contain only two pillowcases. That’s why, we will tell you how to choose the right bedding.

In fact, it is best not to buy bed linen in a set, but to collect it in pieces. You know that sheets, pillowcases and a set are sold separately abroad (attention!) duvet cover + pillowcases for decorative pillows. From all this they collect a set of bed linen. (Linen, as in the photo in the article, can be bought at Pottery Barn)

The duvet cover should, in fact, also serve as a bedspread, and a special fabric strip (about 40 cm wide) is placed at the foot of the bed, in case you need to sit on the bed in clothes.

We advise you to choose sheets with an elastic band, as such options prevent bed linen from clumping during sleep, especially for those who are very active during sleep.

You can also place a lot of decorative pillows at the headboard. Depending on what style you adhere to, you should choose pillows. For example, if you have a seasoned Victorian style, but decorative pillows with Marvel comics characters may not be appropriate. But if you have a modern room in a youth style, then pillows with Loki and Iron Man and even cookie pillows, pillows with Gzhel or pillows with the British flag are suitable here. And the more the better.

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