How to use magnetic paint in the interior

How to use magnetic paint in the interior

Do you want to surprise your friends with small miracles, for example, attach a magnet to the wall that will stick to it without help. This will definitely make your friends surprised, besides, you can continue to draw information about your newly discovered superpowers. This, no doubt, will help such an innovative tool as magnetic paint.

What is it

Magnetic paint is a modern coating that is safe for human health. Has no unpleasant odor. This tool is not a magnet, but it helps to turn any wall surface into a board for magnets by looping the magnetic field line. This effect is achieved due to the ferromagnetic properties of this substance.

How to use magnetic paint in the interior

The composition of such dyes includes only a binder, it is usually either latex or a mixture of latex with acrylates, iron filings and water. Can be used on its own or as a base for other products.

Unfortunately, the color palette today is not very rich and is limited to dark gray tones, but there is a way out of this situation. You can ennoble a nondescript shade by applying another layer of decorative composition of the color you need. And then the magnetic wall will perfectly fit into your interior. You can apply magnetic paint on any smooth surface.

Where applicable

This paint has already proven itself in the modern construction market. Widely used in classrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens of ordinary apartments, offices. On such walls, you can easily place a large amount of educational material of various sizes, diagrams, posters, maps, and anything.

In the child’s room, you can beautifully arrange his drawings, thanks to this design, the child will have a corner for fantasies. In the kitchen, you can hang magnets and magnetic-based souvenirs brought from vacation, and attach family photos in other rooms. Such a coating is undoubtedly very convenient and is gaining immense popularity.

Application guide

In order to apply magnetic paint on the walls, you do not need to have any special skills or resort to the services of specialists.

How to use magnetic paint in the interior

You can do it perfectly without outside help, you just need to adhere to the following rules:

We prepare the walls, carefully remove the old coating, clean the walls with sandpaper. The surface must be even and smooth.

If necessary, you can walk with a primer on the surface of the walls, if there are traces of greasy stains, you need to remove them with a solvent.

Carefully read the instructions for the paint itself. Different manufacturers give their recommendations regarding the number of layers to be applied.

Mix paint well.

Provide a normal temperature in the room from +10 to +35 degrees, avoid drafts, high humidity.

The paint must be applied with a regular roller. It is recommended to apply at least three layers, each layer drying before applying the next. The thicker the layer of magnetic paint, the more pronounced will be its properties to attract magnets.

If streaks appear, they can be smoothed out with a spatula until the paint sets. If desired, a layer of decorative coating can be applied over the magnetic paint. But it can be applied only 6 hours after painting the walls with magnetic paint.

The main thing is not to overdo it with applying additional layers of such a coating, there should be no more than two, otherwise the paint will lose its magnetic properties.

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