Installing plastic windows on your own + video

Installing plastic windows on your own + video

Good plastic windows – a guarantee of a calm and comfortable life. Increasingly, the choice falls on plastic windows, which are ahead of obsolete wooden ones in many respects.

Plastic windows, made of completely different shapes, primarily perform the most important function – sound and heat insulation. There is no need to paint windows and treat them with various special compounds that protect against adverse environmental conditions. Installation of plastic windows does not require huge physical effort. Long service life of windows.

Resizing a window

After making a decision to replace wooden windows with plastic ones, it is necessary to start the process of replacement with the help of our own forces. The first step should be precisely the carefully studied market of plastic windows in order to match the price-quality ratio of all components. Next, you need to correctly measure the opening for further installation of the window. We measure using an ordinary tape measure as follows: mark as many pairs of points in the opening as possible in order to measure the distance between them. If you make a drawing in which you mark the base edge and the distance of each previously measured measurement, then this will greatly facilitate the task. A correctly made drawing will facilitate the process of installing the finished window into the opening and will be a guarantee of isolation from external noise. But such a situation is also possible in which there is a discrepancy in the sizes of the components. In this case, the most important thing is to adhere to geometric shapes and right angles.

If everything is done correctly, then we can safely order a window block, but at the same time we specify which of the wings should open and how. When placing an order, the color of the finished window is taken into account.

After a certain period, the window block is delivered to the specified address, after which it is necessary to proceed with the installation. During the installation process, you will have to use a perforator, drills for concrete and metal, self-tapping screws, dowel-nails, a hammer and a building level.

Window installation

You can safely proceed with the installation of the window unit. If the dimensions of the window are not too large, then it will not be difficult to install it yourself, however, if the dimensions are large, you will have to call for help and, together with the assistant, proceed with the installation of the window in the opening.

When installing the frame, it is necessary to take into account the following factor: the window frame should be parallel to the outer side of the wall. To install the window sill, it is necessary to shift the frame slightly closer to the outer part of the wall, but if suddenly the wall is quite small, then the frame will have to be put in the middle of the opening. The installation of the windowsill is carried out using glue. Each installation step in an upright position must be controlled by the level. To fix the window block, it is necessary to make holes so that one hole has one hole for each meter of length. Then make the markings of the holes in the wall and drill. The control of the vertical position during the installation of the frame cannot be missed. We put the dowel in each hole in the wall and fasten the frame with a self -tapping screw.

After the work done, it is necessary to hang the wings and make sure of the proper work of each. Installation of double-glazed windows and their reliable fixation are done with the help of plastic trim, which is included in the kit.

After installation, all gaps must be filled with mounting foam and the density of opening of each leaf must be adjusted with a hexagon. Using glue, we can trim the side walls of the opening with plastic panels.

Now you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Plastic window installation video

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