Luxury real estate of the week: Privilege on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg

Luxury real estate of the week: Privilege on Krestovsky Island in St. Petersburg

From time to time, we talk about interesting products or unusual real estate. Our today’s choice fell on the elite residential complex “Privilegia” in St. Petersburg. These are several residential buildings on Krestovsky Ostroy, where you can buy luxury apartments and receive appropriate services. Proektstroy believes that among many other residential developments of this class in the city, this one stands out.

We wanted to talk about Privilege residential complex not only because we were attracted by its incredible infrastructure or luxurious apartments. All this, of course, is present, as in many other luxury centers. The privilege is distinguished by the fact that it creates a special feeling of high-quality European luxury. Yes, there are shops, parking, porters, maids and even a personal spa with a fitness room, like in the best luxury houses in the world. But we have seen it in Manhattan, in Monaco and even more than once in St. Petersburg itself. It’s not surprising. But it has its own berth for yachts, which is not so common in St. Petersburg. The city on the Neva loves water sports, and many lovers of water walks on their own ships have a place in the local yacht club. But only a few can boast of their own guarded pier near the house.

Another feature that caught our attention was the club society and living room for all residents of the complex, where families can socialize and play the piano by the fireplace. In general, the residents of the Privilege have everything – from gastronomic luxuries in a restaurant on the territory of the house to the opportunity to spend an evening on a romantic car-free embankment.

Everything seems to be included in the Privilege complex. For children – a personal kindergarten, for women – a beauty salon, for men – a cigarette room. And if you value your health, run along the guarded illuminated embankment, and in winter, go to the treadmill in the fitness club on the territory of your own house.

But we are a building portal, so we pay special attention to building materials and utilities. And here we were pleased with the air conditioning system, which is designed not only in apartments, but also on all staircases. This is a clear guarantee that no matter what, the inside of the house will be fresh and comfortable.

Facade cladding is ceramic slabs, which are made of natural clay. In fact, this option is one of the most pleasant, both for the developer and for the tenant. Ceramic panels are environmentally friendly and very durable. At the same time, they are durable and steadfastly protect the house from atmospheric influences. Unlike many other homes, the Privilege home will always look brand new.

Inside the building, all partitions between apartments are monolithic, which guarantees good sound insulation.

The approach to the windows is also chosen special. Noise-absorbing and energy-saving double-glazed windows of the elite Belgian brand Reynaers are used.

The special attention of Proektstroy was attracted by the system of multi-level water purification, which is connected to the water supply system of the house. Without additional filters, a resident can drink tap water without health concerns.

One “but”. The house has not been built yet. It will be handed over in 2016. Many apartments have already been purchased, but 192 apartments are still available for purchase. We formed our opinion based on the design plans and the existing construction site, but we hope to have a first-hand look at the house when it is built and check how perfectly everything that was promised was fulfilled.

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