Obvious disadvantages of prefabricated houses

Obvious disadvantages of prefabricated houses

Today, frame houses are especially popular in Russia. Customers of such housing are attracted, first of all, by its low cost, as well as fast construction time. However, you need to understand that there is also the other side of the “medal”. There are obvious disadvantages of prefabricated houses, which must be taken into account during construction and operation.

First, we are talking about the low heat capacity of the entire structure. Frame walls heat up quickly and cool down just as quickly, so they are ideal for giving, where they come only in the summer season, but in cases where the frame structure is used for permanent housing, you need to carefully consider the heating system.

Secondly, due to the use of special film membranes, the frame house practically “does not breathe”, therefore, a good ventilation system must first be included in the project.

Another significant disadvantage of frame construction is its attachment to the size of lumber that the modern market offers. This introduces certain restrictions on the dimensions and proportions of housing. The typical size of such a material is 6 meters, and this circumstance should be taken into account when designing the height of the ceilings in a frame house. If you need ceilings higher than 3 meters in your house, then get ready for the additional cost of double the amount of lumber. This is not a solid wood sofa for you – you have to fork out here.

In a frame-type house, it is impossible to achieve absolute immobility of the floor, ceiling, as well as interfloor stairs – this is also a rather significant minus. There are certain difficulties with soundproofing in such buildings: the construction of the type “sheathing – frame – insulation – sheathing” still conducts sound.

Despite the excellent antibacterial and moisture-proof impregnations, the wooden frame is still subject to rotting processes, especially from below. And, if in log cabins you can replace the destroyed crowns, then the frame house is completely deprived of such an opportunity.

More details about the disadvantages of frame construction and ways to get rid of them can be read on the site “Domestic.RU”. There you can also draw a lot of other useful and interesting information about wooden construction.

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