Optimal placement of the veranda

Optimal placement of the veranda

At the moment, many people, in addition to a city apartment, also have a country house where they spend their days in the summer. One of the most important elements of a country house can be called a veranda, t. e. separate room overlooking the river, garden, forest.

A veranda in a country house can serve not only as a living room, but also as a winter garden, an office, a dining room, and even a bedroom. But its main purpose is to separate the interior of the house from the natural environment. Therefore, its correct location is very important.

Do not place in the direction of the entrance street, fences, an unattractive type of building, or on a neighboring plot. But if you have no choice, since the site is small, then you can do the following: plant trees or bushes opposite the veranda. Then a beautiful view of the greenery will open. The choice of location also depends on what you prefer – the sun, or coolness. For lovers of the sun, the building must be installed to the south, or southwest. If you want to sit cool in the morning and afternoon, then you need to install in the southeast. And if you want to enjoy the sunsets, then the extension should be directed to the west.

During construction, you can use a material such as a gas block. But it must be remembered that the style must match the general style of a country house. The veranda can have common walls with the house, connect with passages to other rooms of the house. But at the same time, it still should be a separate room. It is very convenient if you can get into the house not only from the main entrance, but also from the side of the veranda.

One of the main elements of buildings is a window that can be bought at a hardware store, for example, in the same place where you were going to buy aerated concrete. Construction company specialists recommend that blind windows alternate with opening windows on the veranda. You can even install stained glass windows, windows of standard sizes, but they should all be close to each other. If you are just planning to build a house, then it is best to immediately include a veranda in the house design plan.

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