Popular house plans

Popular house plans

There is a site that offers a detailed search for ready-made projects of houses and cottages by wall materials, number of floors, specific features of the building (the presence of a garage, a narrow plot, a flat roof, the presence of an attic, etc.). P.). You can even choose a plan according to the architect.

There are also international sites that contain different projects of different companies. Such information portals often provide statistics to highlight the most popular house plans and trends in the real estate market. Analyzing such statistics provides a lot of information about what kind of homes people are looking for. It can help both builders and architects and families who choose their own home design.

Over the past year, many families have ordered houses according to modern projects such as contemporary (a combination of a number of styles). These are family one-story cottages with a combined kitchen and living room. Separate canteens were more often of interest to those who bought huge houses.

All the most popular plans of the last year have two exits from the house – the main and back exit to the courtyard. Moreover, preference is given to houses that have a fairly large entrance hall located near the rear exit from the house. But all modern buyers seem to be really focused on the cost of the project more than complex features that can make this plan more expensive without major functional changes.

Top-selling plans don’t take much effort to implement. These are simple rectangular shapes that are easy to build. In addition, most often choose projects that do not require complex work with roofing and windows. Most of the bestseller plans are single storey house plans. Wide and shallow ranch-style houses are most often chosen. A popular trend in plans is to use the attic space for a separate guest room, instead of expanding the main space of the house for such a room.

In plans with garages, the place for the car is usually attached to the house itself and has an internal exit from the garage directly into the house. Particularly popular are garages with bonus roof space.

Most often they buy plans for a house of modest size.

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