Real estate in Spain is cheap: use the services of agencies

Real estate in Spain is cheap: use the services of agencies

The last decade of 2012 is an opportunity to buy inexpensive property in Spain. Before buying, it is best to carefully study the features of the object and the territory next to it, the regulatory framework and tax laws, if necessary, the conditions for issuing a loan.

To purchase property abroad, you can contact the agency, whose specialists will provide all the necessary support. However, it is important to understand the principles by which intermediaries (agencies) work between the buyer and the developer.

Contrary to popular belief, agencies allow you to buy property in Spain cheaply, because in the case of buying directly, so when buying through an agency, the buyer pays the price indicated in the price list of the construction company. Buyers do not pay the agency because it receives a commission from the developer.

In addition, the services of agents provide not only the purchase itself, but also assistance in opening an account, designing a foreigner number. The agent will help you choose a bank that will have the most favorable lending conditions, and much more. When buying real estate from a developer, the buyer has to deal with all this on their own. It is also important to remember that agencies are interested in the quality of the services provided, because in the event of a dispute, the buyer turns to his agency, which, of course, distracts employees from current activities.

Buying property in the Kingdom of Spain consists of two stages. First, the client is given a choice of several suitable options, after which a viewing tour is arranged, which takes 2-3 days. At the same time, the date of arrival must be agreed with the developer so that the program of viewing visits is optimal for the client.

The second stage can last from one week to a month. It begins with the deposit, and the end depends on the deadlines for the design of the foreigner number.

If you competently approach the choice of real estate agency in Spain, then the purchase procedure will not cause you negative emotions.

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