Roofing materials – properties and characteristics

Roofing materials – properties and characteristics

Roofing company “Marshall” carries out wholesale trade in materials for the facade and roofing. This company provides its customers with a wide range of different materials for roofing and facade work (profiled flooring, ceramic tiles and drainage systems). Our company carries out calculations of the amount of the required material for certain projects, carries out individual measurements, offers its customers the delivery of goods to the right place.

The roofing company “Marshall” has been selling corrugated board in Zaporozhye for many years and is the leader in sales of these materials in the region. On the official website of the company, everyone can find detailed information about facade and roofing materials. We offer our customers a very high range of quality material of various price categories. All material is in stock and can be purchased at the company’s warehouses.

The company guarantees the implementation of any orders in the shortest possible time, and also vouches for the quality of work performed. The implementation of the delivery of products is carried out by direct supply to the client, welcoming long-term cooperation. Ceramic tiles, corrugated board, gutter systems are offered at an affordable and affordable price, which cannot but please Marshall customers.

Work with clients is carried out by the best specialists who offer individual work, calculation of the purchase, support of the goods after the purchase. The company also consults specialists and offers everyone high-quality material for roofing and facade directly with delivery to its customers. At the request of the client, specialists can go to the required object directly to the client.

The professional team of Marshall has extensive experience in sales, they are distinguished by the ability to appreciate and respect their customers, taking into account and fulfilling all their requirements and wishes.

This company is the official representative of Russian, Ukrainian, as well as foreign representatives of the company in Ukraine. The company carries out retail and wholesale supply of roofing, facade materials and components for construction projects. High quality products are carried out by suppliers and apply to various types of construction – capital, industrial, cottage.

See the Marshall product range below.

Marshall offers its customers to purchase the following products:

one. Ceramic tiles of various companies – Terreal, Tondach, Jacobi, Roben.

2. Metal roofing by Ruukki and Pruszynski.

3. Composite tiles by Gerard.

four. Cement-sand tile Alaska.

5. Bituminous tiles from Tegola, GAF, Kerabit, Katepal.

6. Decking firms Ruukki and Pruszynski.

7. Gutter systems PROFIL, NIAGARA, ZAMBELLI, MARLEY, WAVIN (metal and plastic).

eight. Covering films.

9. Heaters from various manufacturers.

ten. Skylights.

eleven. Attic stairs.

12. Roof ventilation.

13. Styrofoam.

fourteen. Siding and much more.

The best prices for gutter systems in Zaporozhye, only in our company.

A complete list of products can be found on the official website of Marshall. You can also find the address, phone numbers and other useful information about the company there.

It is also worth noting that the company provides a huge selection of accessories for roofing materials: screws, self-tapping screws, screws and sealants for any roof, as well as other auxiliary materials.

Choosing this company, the client receives not only an affordable price, but also gains confidence in the quality and durability of the purchased products, and can also be sure of long-term cooperation, which will be pleasant for both the company and the client.

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