Samostroy, or that we should legalize the house

Samostroy, or that we should legalize the house

Illegal independent building – a phenomenon that was born thanks to or in spite of houses with an uncomfortable layout, as well as the need to somehow expand the living space. Many, due to lack of legal support and literacy or lack of free time to carry out all legalization procedures, violate the rules for formalizing their new building. On the 1EGRP website, you can order services for the preparation of the necessary documents. As a rule, sooner or later, many of us will have to face the need to expand the living space of our city apartment, by dismantling the walls, or to build some new building on our personal land, such as a garage or other utility building or additional premises. At this point, you should not assume that if the premises, be it an apartment or a house, or the land belongs to you, then you can build or break whatever you like there. From the very beginning, it is necessary to clarify with the authorities what exactly can be attributed to the concept of squatting, in order to legalize it later.

Officially, the category of “illegal squatter construction” includes not only the residential building itself, built without the relevant permits, but also the construction of any annex to it without any relevant documents, or the construction of a residential building in violation of the signed agreed project approved by the relevant specialized authorities, violation of various technological requirements, for example, fire safety, epidemiological (use of prohibited materials), architectural or sanitary, as well as changes in significant structural technical elements.

For some reasons (purchase/sale, donation, transfer of an object inherited or the threat of demolition of a self-building, or the need to register real estate on a pledge), in the end, it will be necessary to legalize the entire existing self-construction. And you should not beware of legalization through the courts, for the court you will need a package of necessary documents that you can collect yourself. The defendant in a civil lawsuit, as a rule, will be one of the representatives of the BTI, as well as an employee of the local government.

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