Selection and operation of equipment for road construction

Selection and operation of equipment for road construction

Road surfaces are currently formed using various types of asphalt, hot and cold varieties. Almost all work related to asphalt laying is carried out using specialized equipment and technical means. The exception is patching, which allows work that is carried out using cold asphalt using a limited set of tools. Progressive equipment commonly used during asphalt paving is a range of multifunctional units such as drum mixers, bins designed to preserve the properties of the material during the paving period, as well as other technical devices. Any mechanism used in road construction must have the necessary parameters essential for the purpose of asphalting and such mechanisms must be in perfect working order. At present, road-building equipment from foreign manufacturers is the most famous.

There are special technical devices that are usually used during the laying of asphalt pavement and can be used at any stage of work, whether it is the period of preparation of the road surface or surface compaction. For example, during the preparation of mixtures for asphalt paving, technical devices such as bitumen boilers, cochers (thermoses-mixers), drum mixers are used. Asphalt pavers are used for laying asphalt mix. Vibratory and static rollers are used to compact soil, asphalt and other paving materials. These mechanisms are intensively used where increased power, productivity and accuracy of work on the formation of the roadway are needed.

Enterprises use automated process control systems, or process control systems. They create optimal operating modes of the equipment, as well as a high level of reliability. You can order them in the company “Engineering Kit”.

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