Sewer cleaning and blockage removal

Sewer cleaning and blockage removal

Surely many have encountered such an unpleasant problem as cleaning the sewer, removing blockages. What to do in such a case? Of course, eliminate the very cause of the blockage, and continue to try to prevent its occurrence. After all, your sink and the pipes adjacent to it are not a complex treatment facility where domestic wastewater is cleaned.

Ways to eliminate blockages

What, and most importantly, how to clean the sewer? Consider the main ways to clean the sewer.

Cleaning the path of drains in wash basins, sinks, toilet bowls, to a common riser is the most common and easy. It can be carried out both with a plunger and with other improvised means.

When cleaning with a plunger, do the following. We collect water above the level of the neck and pump until the water leaves, forming a characteristic funnel. Then pour boiling water and rinse for 5-7 minutes. If this does not help, then repeat the procedure.

Plunger did not help get rid of blockage? In this case, take a cable to clean the sewer. We put the cable into the pipe through the drain hole. Rotate it clockwise and gradually move forward. You need to rotate so that the cable easily passes all the joints and bends of the pipes. There are many ready-made cables of different lengths in stores. Some are equipped with a handle for easy rotation.

If your toilet is clogged, then it is best to use a homemade pumping, which can be built from improvised means. It is inserted into the toilet hole and vigorously pumped several times. Due to the created hydraulic shocks, the resulting blockage is destroyed. After that, the pumping is removed and the water drain is checked. If there is no blockage, the water drains quickly. Otherwise, the operation will need to be repeated.

For very serious blockages, in addition to mechanical and hydraulic methods, different chemicals are used. There are a number of sewer cleaners on the market. As a rule, the drug is poured into the drain, then about a glass of warm water is poured there and left for one to two hours. After that, the pipe should be washed with plenty of water: first with hot and then with cold water. As soon as the drug dissolves the cork, to completely clean the pipe from blockage, you need to clean it again with a plunger or a cable.

During all these operations, it is imperative to work with rubber gloves, and the room must be ventilated. If you use chemicals, be very careful not to get them on your skin or eyes. In the event that this does happen, immediately wash off the substance with plenty of water.

Video on clearing a blockage in the toilet

Also, to eliminate the blockage, you can use a rubber hose, which must be thick-walled and sufficiently rigid. One end must be put on the faucet, and the other must be inserted into the drain hole. Turn on hot water. Only boiling water can wash away fat deposits and other dirt.  To clean the outlet pipe of the bath, you need to close its drain holes, as well as the holes of the washbasin and sink. Fill them with water, and then open all the plugs at the same time, pumping the outlet pipe of the bath with a plunger. Although for this method of cleaning one person will not be enough. You will have to involve a few more people.

Some owners use a regular household vacuum cleaner to clear blockages. According to many, this method of cleaning sewers is quite effective.

Video – clearing sewer blockages

So, we have considered only some ways to eliminate blockages. But, if none of them helped to solve this unpleasant problem, then we advise you not to delay, but immediately contact the specialists.

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