Small hallway design

Small hallway design

Design and Repair of the hallway in the corridor, as well as the entire living area, is a pleasant and creative business.

The realities of our time are such that the selection of variations in the design of any room can be unlimited – it would be a fantasy!

Countless shops, catalogs, websites, designers, etc. come to the rescue. P. All this is at the stage of birth and inspiration of a clear idea. When it comes to, essentially speaking, implementation, then completely different, more prosaic difficulties can suddenly “crawl out” on the original plan. Like, for example, a small footage of living space. In this note, we will consider all the main factors of a small room in the photo examples of hallways.

Small hallway design: differences and dangers

As it was said before, we will talk specifically about hallways in a small corridor. Very small size and is considered the main factor in the design of the hallway. It is not always easy to take into account all desires and masterfully include them in the dimensions that are. But really always. The most important thing in such a matter is from the very beginning to firmly proceed from what we have (more specifically, what we are working with). small size? – Perfect! We discard dreams of a large wardrobe, a bunch of cute additions and optional pieces of furniture in the design (like, for example, not a small vase at the entrance or a comfortable sofa). As indicated on the website

Specifically, the size of the room will be the starting point for different solutions. If you remember the number of square meters available at all times (from planning to implementation), then the effect is worth it.

Do not perceive the room as small. Think of it as a special, original. Respectively – and ideas in your head will be asked for specifically unusual ones that are suitable for your hallway.

Other dangers (narrowness of the corridor, turns and corners, low ceiling) – all these are details and details of a small hallway. Any moment can be framed! And furnish advantageously! Need to say more – any moment can be wrapped in dignity. dark colored corridor? Work on an idea and turn it from dark into comfortable! low ceiling? Lighting will help you!

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