Stylish log house – modern eco-friendly construction.

Stylish log house – modern eco-friendly construction.

Every day the popularity of building houses, baths made of wood is increasing. An increasing number of people prefer natural and natural materials, modern technologies and environmentally friendly methods of construction and decoration of residential and service premises.

The use of natural solid wood, innovative equipment and tools allows you to build a strong, durable and reliable house from a bar of almost any shape and size. Moreover, such a structure will not concede with its analogues from the usual brick, cinder block, or a foam concrete often used recently. On the contrary, a house from a beam is a dwelling that has a huge number of advantages, which has an antiseptic effect and a friendly attitude to the surrounding nature, an environmentally friendly and comfortable structure that can be perfect for many decades.

The choice of material and revolutionary technologies.

Advanced technologies used in the construction of houses, baths and saunas from a beam and logs allow you not to save on materials and their quality. Thus, for residential objects, the best coniferous and deciduous wood species are often used, which provide increased heat and sound insulation, prevent the formation of fungus, mold, do not allow to multiply indoors, are of little exposed to extreme climatic conditions, regular moisture or abundant precipitation. Such log houses can be fully exploited for the longest possible period of time, regardless of the weather conditions inherent in a particular region.

Particular attention in the construction of log objects is given to laying the foundation and arranging corners. These elements play one of the most important roles in creating a truly comfortable, functional and durable log house, ideal for regular living in it or organizing a bath or sauna.

The use of modern wooden euro-windows, which are in no way inferior to plastic structures, will significantly increase the environmental friendliness of the entire facility and provide an opportunity to reliably protect the premises from street noise, dust, intruders and uninvited guests.

Baths and saunas from a bar.

Baths and saunas made of logs, as well as houses made of timber, are much more environmentally friendly and safer for human health and life than analogues built from bricks and foam blocks – natural wood prevents the formation of mold and the growth of bacteria, harmful microorganisms. Wood treated with special means reacts much better to elevated temperatures in which steam rooms operate, does not emit harmful substances, tone up vital processes, increasing the beneficial effect of being in a bathhouse, sauna.

Houses made of timber, log baths can be several floors, different layouts and a wide variety of exterior and interior design styles. When building wooden residential and non-residential facilities, in addition to individual preferences and wishes of customers, it is necessary to take into account the features of the relief, climate, soil structure and the professional experience of craftsmen who can always choose the best options for an organic, comfortable and reliable facility built exclusively from natural wood. A qualified approach to the development of the project and its implementation, finishing, installation and adjustment works will allow you to create a real dream house in the best traditions of Russian architecture.

Information source – the company “Russian Estate” – the production of wooden houses and cottages.

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